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Assumptions underlying AI outsmarting humans are flawed Assumptions underlying AI outsmarting humans are flawed Day six of The Yuan’s voyage of intelligent discovery makes landfall at Massachusetts Bay. Boston was founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers fleeing religious persecution in England and named for a town in the east of the mother country from which many hailed. The Pilgrim Fathers hoped to create a ‘city on a hill’ - a radiant model of a godly society for the world. They saw their flight as a fight between good and evil. ‘Good AI’ may one day ally with humanity to combat ‘evil AI,’ in the view of David H. Freedman, an award-winning science journalist covering health and technology, contributor to Scientific American and Forbes, and author of a book on AI, who calls into question the very assumptions underpinning a time when AI outwits humans.
David H. Freedman
Outsmart | Jun 26, 2023
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