Ana Chubinidze
Ana Chubinidze
Contributor, The Yuan

Ana Chubinidze is the founder and CEO of Adalan AI, a consulting firm on AI governance and policy, and also founder and director of the non-profit organization AI Governance International. She is a regular speaker at AI forums and writes for several AI-related publications. 

Risks, challenges, and future of AVs
As autonomous vehicle technology improves and gradually gets adopted, this should make roads safer and reduce accidents caused by human error, but as ever more conventional cars are replaced by AVs, this will give rise to whole new questions and concerns to be addressed, and which the world should start pondering now.
Ana Chubinidze  |  Jun 09, 2022
Implementing AI Governance Framework - Why Now?
The multi-billion-dollar artificial intelligence market is ever increasing and there is no end in sight. But why has it taken governments so long to implement some regulation? Ana Chubinidze sifts through the AI rubble to get to the bottom of it all.
Ana Chubinidze  |  Feb 16, 2022
AI and Data Ethics in Healthcare
The future potential of AI technologies in the healthcare industry is limitless. But many ethical questions have been raised about healthcare data storage and data security issues as well as algorithmic decision-making, which need to be explored in their own ethical dimensions.
Ana Chubinidze  |  Aug 25, 2021
AI and Data Ethics in Smart Cities
The disruptive capabilities of smart city technologies have caused several debates and initiatives over the past couple of years surrounding its ethics, regulations, policy and governance. Ana Chubinidze investigates the monumental challenges to bring those operational applications into life and the ethical and governance frameworks involved.
Ana Chubinidze  |  Jun 29, 2021