Satyen K. Bordoloi
Satyen K. Bordoloi
Contributor, The Yuan

Satyen K. Bordoloi is an award-winning scriptwriter and columnist. He is also a technology columnist at and is developing and writing multiple web series. He is working on a novel about humans' first contact with an AI singularity and fantasizes about being at the intersection of study of consciousness, AI and quantum mechanics.

A digital-analog interface seems an impassible barrier to creating AGI
Brain science
Connecting information flows between digital and analog bodies is a monumental challenge akin to connecting different dimensions, notes award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi in this fascinating, original exploration of AI, AGI, and the path to building smarter machines.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Apr 08, 2024
Vision Pro realizes Steve Jobs' last vision, but Apple does not yet see it
If Steve Jobs were still alive, Apple Vision Pro would have come out earlier and featured AI at its core, writes award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi as he outlines a vision for AVP that Apple would do well to adapt.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar 12, 2024
Meta’s massive AI course correction follows The Yuan’s sage advice
New era
In a once in a blue moon event, Meta, name notwithstanding, seems to have bowed down to The Yuan’s urgings, turned its back on the Metaverse, and set its front towards AI, as the firm strategically re-orients itself. Award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi has the skinny.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar 01, 2024
When governments tackle AI harm, present dangers must outweigh future ones
For AI to be safe, governments must understand it and focus on dealing with present harms, not future doomsday scenarios that may or may not come to pass, writes Satyen K. Bordoloi, as he highlights the damage AI is causing now and lays out five ways governments can mitigate them.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jan 05, 2024
Horizons of AI: Personal assistants - with Satyen K. Bordoloi and David Wood
Unveiling the AI frontier with a focus on personal assistants, this episode navigates the ethical intricacies they bring and the shifting career dynamics in an increasingly AI-powered world. Join us as we delve into the expanding role of AI in daily life.
Delta Dialog  |  Sep 07, 2023
From abacus to singularity: AI’s boundless potential -  with Satyen K. Bordoloi and David Wood
Exploring the transformation of AI's capabilities, from a humble abacus metaphor to the brink of singularity. Satyen Bordoloi delves into ethical obligations guiding tech pioneers in shaping AI's destiny.
Delta Dialog  |  Aug 31, 2023
AI will never outwit humans because it is no ‘smarter’ than an abacus is
Ancient Greeks used a marked table - abax - to calculate, but the true ‘abacus’ is a 5,000-year-old Babylonian invention diffused to the rest of the world. On day 13 of our intelligent discovery quest, writing from the East-West trade hub of Mumbai, The Yuan columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi likens seeing smartness in AI to ascribing sentience to an abacus.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jul 05, 2023
The next trillion-dollar business: personal AI assistants - part 3
The first two parts of this three-part series describe PAI assistants and how ChatGPT’s rise reflects the popular desire for them. In this final part, award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi examines how such a system might function in daily life.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  May 23, 2023
ChatGPT’s supremacy: Google’s narrow thinking lets OpenAI win
New era
Google has lost ground since ChatGPT burst onto the AI scene, but that need not be the case, writes Satyen K. Bordoloi as he looks for solutions while rummaging through Google’s recycle bin. Rather than pressing the panic button, a simple change in perspective may be needed.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Apr 26, 2023
The next trillion-dollar business: personal AI assistants - part 2
The first article in this series was on how the success of ChatGPT indicates personal AI assistants are the next wave. This part discusses the difficulties of making a PAI assistant, means to overcome these obstacles, and why self-driving carmakers must jump on the PAI bandwagon.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar 16, 2023
The next trillion-dollar business: personal AI assistants - part 1
Seldom in the swiftly evolving tech world does one get to say: ‘I told you so.’ With Dall-E, LaMDA, ChatGPT-type AI systems in 2022, The Yuan contributor Satyen K. Bordoloi says just that as - in a three-part series - he outlines how AI personal assistants will storm and transform the world, leading to the next trillion-dollar business.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Feb 08, 2023
A shortcut to the use of AI in healthcare is its use in medical administration
The USA spends trillions of dollars a year on healthcare paperwork. Automated solutions made possible by ML and AI not only mean much of this money can be saved, but also makes largescale adoption of AI more likely before highly regulated medical AI reaches critical mass, finds Satyen K. Bordoloi.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Aug 19, 2022
Open medical data is no-brainer
Open Data 2022
Medical AI is revolutionizing global healthcare, even reengineering human genes, but it cannot do so without data. This generation’s data may be the last to record ‘pure’ medical data, which will be tainted by humans with altered genes in future, so today's will be priceless for posterity, says Satyen K. Bordoloi as he marks the 110th anniversary of Alan Turing’s birth to push for open access.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jul 05, 2022
Licensing Self-Driving Taxis Is a Huge Step for China, World
New era
The tech breakthroughs needed to make a fully functioning autonomous vehicle render it among the hardest problems in artificial intelligence. China’s lead in granting licenses to fully driverless robot taxis is a step in the right direction and will benefit the world, thanks to the attendant tech that will emerge from it, writes Satyen K. Bordoloi.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  May 26, 2022
Is It a Boy or a Girl? Gendering AI Is Human, Problematic
The needless gendering of AI caused by humans anthropomorphizing everything is both a threat and a small opportunity, says Satyen K. Bordoloi as he explores the bizarre phenomenon of making AI applications male or female and delves into its root causes, from bad data to AI’s depiction on the silver screen.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  May 09, 2022
Cognitive Computing, the Final Frontier in Full Adoption of Medical AI
Brain science
Talking machines are not simply good for films, they can save millions of lives argues Satyen K. Bordoloi, recounting both the history and, more importantly, the future of cognitive computing.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar 30, 2022
Wanted: A Steve Jobs to turn AI into iAI
Pioneer, visionary and technical wizard are just three of the many things said about Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, his death a decade ago left a gaping hole in technological advancement and robbed us of his genius, especially in the artificial intelligence domain. Satyen K. Bordoloi takes us on a ‘What If?’ tour and discusses how AI could have evolved had Jobs still been with us today and what the industry can still learn from such speculation.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Feb 03, 2022
Facebook is Wrong: The Future isn’t Metaverse, it’s Personalized AI
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is betting big on metaverse in the hopes of riding the next technological wave. But is augmented reality the indispensable future he hopes it will be, or will the future’s large corporations crack the personal artificial intelligence assistant code - a super-app that will make life easier and more productive for everyone on the planet - before he does?
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jan 12, 2022
Checkmate: The Future of AI Technology Makes a Move
New era
On the 10th anniversary of artificial intelligence’s first successful applications, Satyen K. Bordoloi trawls through the history of computing and AI, explains the resistance to the technology in the past, and predicts that every company once hostile to AI will have embraced it in the next few years.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Dec 14, 2021
AI Helps MENA Regions to Diversify and Become a More Sustainable Economy
Satyen K. Bordoloi examines the conceptions and misconceptions of the Middle East and North Africa regions to reveal how they have funded global artificial developments over the past decade, and how a growing AI ecosystem could change the region for the better, despite constraints.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Oct 27, 2021
WHO’s Late Arrival to AI Healthcare Party
New era
"WHO is late to the party with AI in healthcare. But Satyen goes cover to cover with their report for The Yuan and despite its misses, comes out impressed wishing anyone with anything to do with Artificial Intelligence to read it. He urges WHO to update and expand it regularly & to use it as a springboard to guide the inevitable i.e. mass deployment of AI in medicine and healthcare."
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Aug 20, 2021
WHO AI Regulation Report: Has it Gone Far Enough?
After much delay WHO finally joins the Medical AI debate with a seminal report 'Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health'. The document is a must-read for anyone dealing with AI. Despite its brilliance, does it go far enough? Bordoloi reads it cover to cover and examines its strengths and more importantly, crucial weaknesses.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Aug 11, 2021
Poorer Nations Can Benefit Medical AI Companies
Poor nations cannot fund Medical AI companies but, what they lack in finances, they more than make up for in a good range and quantity of data. If data are the new oil, then the potential poor nations offer for learning about human diseases and biology is unadulterated gold.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Jun 30, 2021