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AI roots out corruption in India’s troubled healthcare terrain
By Disha Ganguli  |  Feb 02, 2024
AI roots out corruption in India’s troubled healthcare terrain
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India, the world’s most populous country, has a complex healthcare system prone to inefficiency and corruption. As the country digitalizes, AI is already bearing fruit by exposing graft and granting more Indians access to quality care, writes AI and Big Data expert Disha Ganguli.

KOLKATA - Corruption has long been a nagging problem in the vast landscape of India’s healthcare system, hindering the delivery of quality medical services to the nation’s residents. Today, however, a glimmer of hope is emerging through the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). This article covers some of the innovative ways AI is lighting a beacon of change, offering concrete solutions for curbing corruption in medical practices nationwide.

Current stand
Before exploring AI's role, one must first acknowledge the grim reality of corruption within India’s healthcare sector. From fraudulent billing practices to manipulation of patient records, unethical acts erode patient trust in the system. The repercussions are severe - suboptimal patient care and escalation of the already daunting healthcare hurdles India faces. 

The case studies described below are particularly illustrative of the impact AI is already having.

Mumbai snoops billing anomalies
One of the most promising applications of AI in combating corruption lies in its ability to detect fraudulent activities. By analyzing vast datasets, AI algorithms quickly identify patterns indicative of irregular billing practices or misappropriation of funds, making such activity far harder to conceal.

In Mumbai - formerly Bombay - a government-run hospital recently implemented an AI-powered billing anomaly detection system, which scans billing records to spot irregularities, as well as potential overbillings. This proactive approach has not only brought substantial savings, but also deterred further corrupt practices, showcasing AI’s practical impact on financial misconduct within the healthcare sector. By shining a spotlight on billing irregularities, the system encourages and incen

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