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DAOs Are the Future of Healthcare
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are well-known for their decentralized nature, but what if decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) were used to disrupt the healthcare industry as well, making it more distributed and personalized? This could also have implications for the sharing and storing of electronic medical records (EMR), as well as pandemic containment and prevention.
Douglas Amante  |  May  13,  2022
Achieving Success With AI Projects
Prof Patrick Glauner takes a close look at the ranks of firms that have invested in AI and reveals why some 80 percent of them fail. He analyzes what companies should be doing to use AI more effectively.
Patrick Glauner  |  May  03,  2022
EIU Talks Up Elon Musk's Twitter Grab With The Yuan
E-carmaker Tesla CEO Elon Musk has clinched a deal to take over Twitter for US$44 billion in one of the biggest leveraged buyouts every, one likely to shift control of the platform to the world’s richest person. Conservatives hope he restores ex-US President Donald Trump and other de-platformed firebrand right-wing politicos, while liberals hope he will curb fringe speech and conspiracy theorists and stifle disinformation. Dexter Thillien, Lead Analyst, Technology & Telecoms, The Economist Intelligence Unit, talks up the repercussions of this earth-shattering takeover with The Yuan.
Dexter Thillien, Ben Armour  |  May  02,  2022
AI Is on the Narrow Trail to Accelerate Climate Change
Prof Patrick Glauner acknowledges that one of the greatest challenges facing mankind is climate change, and discusses the technical innovations that will be pivotal in helping to cut and avoid emissions, while also making sure that such new technologies do not contribute to climate change.
Patrick Glauner  |  Apr  22,  2022
AI’s Slow Adoption Jibes With Former Failures
The promise of AI technology has often failed to live up to its hype. How to learn from past successes and failures to adjust the expectations for AI and change how new technologies are applied to do so more successfully is the issue The Yuan contributor Prof Funk grapples with in this his inaugural article.
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Apr  18,  2022
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