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Brazilian AI takes up eyeglass prescription prediction to boost vision care
Nearsightedness and other vision impairments afflict victims everywhere and their early detection is paramount. A new Brazilian AI bids fair to succor via tele-eye exams those who lack access to care. Medical executive and radiologist Gustavo Meirelles makes it all crystal clear.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Mar  14,  2024
A trek to an indigenous land teaches digital health, sustainability lessons
Set in a national park in Brazil’s central Mato Grosso state, Alto Xingu is home to a variety of indigenous peoples. Its very remoteness imparts invaluable lessons on digital health and sustainability. Radiologist and medical executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles guides us on this tour.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Mar  07,  2024
BERT-based humor generation system displays another side to AI
Humor is one of the most essential parts of human interaction, but humor generation as a sub-field of natural language generation is notoriously difficult. AI researcher and tech expert Parisa Naraei describes how a joke generator is being built to overcome this challenge.
Parisa Naraei  |  Mar  04,  2024
AI’s use must nurture a safer world, not just a more advanced one
AI has completely changed the way public health and many other sectors work, and while many of these developments are impressive, questions remain about how best to address existing safety issues, writes Dr Jennifer Dunphy, senior VP for a top US physician association.
Jennifer Dunphy  |  Feb  21,  2024
ETL snags in data science, software engineering carry over into healthcare
ML genetic and healthcare data specialist Dr Sara Moein details the intricacies of the ETL process for extracting, transforming, and loading data, and its implications for healthcare, which are of especial significance as the industry’s digitalization continues to gather steam.
Sara Moein  |  Feb  09,  2024
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