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AI, genomics revolutionize diagnosis of rare genetic diseases
Rare genetic diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. Those afflicted suffer greatly but AI and genomics augur change for the better. Martina Rossi, a cell biology expert deeply devoted to translational science and gene therapy applications, unveils the future of this field.
Martina Rossi  |  May  19,  2023
Kearney report provides pointers for making wise metaverse decisions
Fanfare about the metaverse often draws more attention than its actuality warrants, puzzling firms as to how to act. This article presents a research report by global strategy consultancy Kearney edited and condensed for brevity that offers insights to dispel this uncertainty.
Smart, targeted innovations yield more accessible, affordable healthcare
Smart, targeted innovations make healthcare more accessible and affordable, with lower costs for hospitals and better patient outcomes, as Moh Noori, founder and CEO of AI heart disease predicter ScriptChain Health, shows in this article, the second installment in his blog series.
Moh Noori  |  May  11,  2023
Innovation is a great way of overcoming injustice in healthcare
All the technological progress over the past few decades has only worsened health inequality in many ways. The solution to this conundrum is likely to involve even more innovation, however, not less, according to Alnylam Pharmaceuticals CEO Yvonne Greenstreet.
Yvonne Greenstreet  |  May  09,  2023
A Q&A with ChatGPT sheds light on how AI works in healthcare
Much ink has been spilled over OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT. Some see it as a Google heir. Others challenge its accuracy and utility. Best-selling author, futurist, and columnist Chuck Martin grills the bot on the topic of healthcare to find the chinks in AI’s armor and its strengths.
Chuck Martin  |  May  05,  2023
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