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An epic AI Debate - and why everyone should fret over AI in 2023
A time capsule of AI thought leaders participating in a video debate in 2022 serves up a bounty of food for thought that will remain of interest for years to come. AI holds plenty of promise, but major grounds for concern are its less benevolent aspects and the inescapable reality that it still falls far short.
Gary Marcus  |  Jan  24,  2023
AI eases cardiovascular disease prediction
Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital devised a deep-learning model that predicts a person's 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease using a single chest X-ray. They presented the study result during the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in November, The Yuan contributor Oladimeji Ewumi reports.
Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Jan  18,  2023
Baidu Research releases its top 10 tech trends for 2023
As one of China’s most well-established and preeminent tech companies, Baidu is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and breakthroughs in areas like self-driving cars, robots, and quantum computing. 2023 marks the fourth year Baidu has released its top 10 trends and, in 2023 and beyond, plenty of exciting developments are likely in store for both China and the rest of the world.
Haifeng Wang  |  Jan  11,  2023
In silico medicine’s landmark developments
Research professor and father of in silico medicine Georgios Stamatakos reviews how in silico medicine has progressed since its inception in 2002, and indicative milestones achieved over these past two decades.
Georgios Stamatakos  |  Jan  10,  2023
Talk grows of AI research for India’s neurology
Neurological disorders have now become one of the leading causes of ailments in India, and as AI and neuroscience research efforts overlap in more areas, interest in focusing on AI-powered treatments for such disorders is on the rise.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  Jan  04,  2023
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