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DL can now be used to automatically classify, segment liver tumors
Automatic DL-based methods for semantic pixel-by-pixel classification and segmentation of liver tumors hold the key to detecting this type of cancer earlier and preventing the worst outcomes. AI and health expert Parisa Naraei conducts a tour of their workings.
Parisa Naraei  |  Nov  15,  2023
Federated graph neural networks ease the data burden of AI training
Federated networks form models in which several separate networks or locations share resources via central management frameworks to enforce consistent configurations and policies. Anna Saranti, a postdoc researcher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, explains their workings.
Anna Saranti  |  Nov  03,  2023
Top AI and policy experts call for an international AI safety treaty
A league of AI VIPs has signed an open letter urging an AI safety treaty. Turing Award winner Yoshua Bengio and The Yuan’s contributors Gary Marcus and David Wood joined with many others to call for setup of a working group at the UK AI safety Summit now underway as a first step.
Ben Armour  |  Nov  02,  2023
AI, robotics deploy in hospitality, healthcare to supply labor shortfall
Hospitality and healthcare have been hard hit by COVID-19 and labor shortages. AI and robotics are cushioning this blow and though they may eliminate some jobs they will ease and improve the quality of others, writes Sanjeev Shetty, co-founder of Robotics-as-a-service company HelloGard Robotics.
Sanjeev Shetty  |  Oct  24,  2023
AI chatbots shine healthcare light on India’s rural residents
Healthcare treads a rocky road worldwide. Lack of access to treatment is a major stumbling block, above all in India’s countryside, but AI now rides to the rescue to early detect cataracts and such chronic age-related eye ailments, as The Yuan contributor Priyanjit Ghosh relates.
Priyanjit Ghosh  |  Oct  11,  2023
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