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AI gears up for future pandemics
Despite the global devastation and disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation might have been even worse without the help of AI. As the technology continues to grow and develop, it will also undoubtedly prove its worth in public health efforts to prevent potential pandemics, as well as in easing outbreaks that cannot be prevented or contained as easily.
Marcus Ranney  |  Jul  11,  2022
AI to Teach COVID Lessons to Mainstream Business
The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely impacted the pace of AI innovation by accelerating existing trends and giving rise to new ones, thus raising the bar of possibility. Companies have also benefited from sharing their technology or expertise at no cost, aiding the fight against the pandemic and speeding vaccine development. Many of these trends will hold post-pandemic and reshape the global business terrain.
Chuck Martin  |  Jun  01,  2022
COVID-19 and AI - a Retrospective on Major Trends
The decade leading up the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic saw major growth in many areas of AI, including its many non-medical applications, and although the pandemic has altered the trajectory of some of these, it has also turbocharged existing trends and made the world even more digitalized than could have been imagined even just a few years ago.
Janna Lipenkova  |  May  27,  2022
AI Transforms Post-COVID-19  Senior Living Healthcare Standards
Sanjeev Shetty reflects on four years as a consultant in the senior living field and how artificial intelligence is improving the lives of those in the sector in the post-pandemic era.
Sanjeev Shetty  |  Mar  22,  2022
Curbing Health Misinformation With AI
Former United States President Donald Trump once suggested injecting bleach as a cure for COVID-19. The spread of such misinformation is clearly a danger to the public’s wellbeing and must be prevented. Imre Varju takes a closer look at the phenomenon and investigates how artificial intelligence can help combat deeply damaging health misinformation.
Imre Varju  |  Feb  10,  2022
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