Simone Castello
Simone Castello
Contributor, The Yuan

Simone Castello is a writer and digital marketing expert based in Cambridge, UK. She started her communications career as a journalist at the BBC, after which she went on to join the University of Cambridge, where she has been working for 10 years and is currently Science Communicator. She is also affiliated to the University as managing editor of a high-impact journal.

Uncovering the AI, brain science link demands bridging a divide
Brain science
The human brain, a three-pound spongy mass of fat, protein, and neurons, is an enigma. Its ability to generate consciousness, process information, and learn captivates philosophers and scientists alike. To get the most out of AI, one must first understand this complex organ.
Simone Castello  |  Apr 03, 2024
AI is overhauling the workplace in ways both promising and unsettling
From automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks to driving pioneering innovation, AI is reshaping the labor market, offering huge opportunities and presenting challenges. Will AI steal jobs and make humans redundant, or foster a better work-life balance and deliver inclusivity?
Simone Castello  |  Mar 19, 2024
Mental healthcare is in the midst of an AI-induced metamorphosis
Brain science
AI is upending mental healthcare - from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and management - particularly among youngsters. Cambridge University Science Communicator Simone Castello, a former BBC journalist, ticks off the apps and their makers that are ringing in these changes.
Simone Castello  |  Jan 18, 2024
Precision in Practice - with Simone Castello and David Wood
In this episode, we explore the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, delve into the accelerating growth of the global surgical robotics market and the symbiotic benefits they bestow upon patients and medical practitioners alike. Tune in to uncover the intersection of cutting-edge technology and crucial healthcare issues in this insightful exploration.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 30, 2023
AI Development and Genomics - with Simone Castello and David Wood
Dive into the future of technology and healthcare as we explore the dynamic intersection of AI development and genomics with Simone Castello, a seasoned writer and digital marketing expert based in Cambridge, UK.
Delta Dialog  |  Nov 17, 2023
Does AI development need to hit the brakes or the gas pedal?
Emerging markets
Many leading experts argue AI is developing too quickly and that a pause is needed, while others vigorously urge the contrary. Guardrails are needed either way, asserts Simone Castello, a former BBC journalist who is now Science Communicator at Cambridge University.
Simone Castello  |  Oct 16, 2023
Data science reshapes life sciences at the pulsing heart of innovation
Cambridge scientists have driven many breakthroughs underpinning medicine. The city’s cluster has a vibrant life sciences scene, with AI upending knowledge management and transfer, says Simone Castello, an ex-BBC journalist who is now Science Communicator at Cambridge University.
Simone Castello  |  Aug 25, 2023
AI and precision medicine are driving a genomics revolution
AI gene sequencing is upending genomics to yield breakthrough diagnoses, predictions, and treatments, particularly for rare and chronic diseases, asserts Simone Castello, a former BBC journalist who is now working as Science Communicator at the University of Cambridge.
Simone Castello  |  Jul 13, 2023
Rise of robo-surgeons to benefit patients, medical practitioners alike
The global surgical robotics market may well surge to around USD18.4 billion by 2027. Robots are performing complex surgeries to reduce risks and enable faster patient recovery, while also easing burnout among surgeons, reports Cambridge University writer Simone Castello.
Simone Castello  |  May 26, 2023
ML revives faltering drug discovery by using data to decode biology
Biology studies all organisms, including deadly pathogens which cause pandemics and become resistant to antibiotics. The data revolution now underway is also impacting biology, and ML holds the answers to some of its mysteries, as digital marketing expert Simone Castello relates.
Simone Castello  |  Apr 20, 2023
Cambridge launches first-ever Cam Tech Week
This article is the first in a series on Cambridge and UK organizations that are innovating in healthcare by using AI technologies. It introduces Cambridge, UK and its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem grounded in cutting-edge research and connected to finance and other support.
Simone Castello  |  Mar 21, 2023