Simone Castello
Simone Castello
Contributor, The Yuan

Simone Castello is a writer and digital marketing expert based in Cambridge, UK. She started her communications career at the BBC and worked at the University of Cambridge for 10 years in science communication. She is still affiliated to the University as managing editor of a high-impact journal. She gives talks to entrepreneurs on digital strategy and measurement.

Rise of robo-surgeons to benefit patients, medical practitioners alike
The global surgical robotics market may well surge to around USD18.4 billion by 2027. Robots are performing complex surgeries to reduce risks and enable faster patient recovery, while also easing burnout among surgeons, reports Cambridge University writer Simone Castello.
Simone Castello  |  May 26, 2023
ML revives faltering drug discovery by using data to decode biology
Biology studies all organisms, including deadly pathogens which cause pandemics and become resistant to antibiotics. The data revolution now underway is also impacting biology, and ML holds the answers to some of its mysteries, as digital marketing expert Simone Castello relates.
Simone Castello  |  Apr 20, 2023
Cambridge launches first-ever Cam Tech Week
This article is the first in a series on Cambridge and UK organizations that are innovating in healthcare by using AI technologies. It introduces Cambridge, UK and its thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem grounded in cutting-edge research and connected to finance and other support.
Simone Castello  |  Mar 21, 2023