Who We Are

What is The Yuan?

The Yuan is a new tech community platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, machine learning (ML) and related disciplines. Our aim is to provide an open forum for global innovators, entrepreneurs and others in the AI world to exchange insights into this transformational technology. We are seeking talented AI professionals and social commentators to share their expertise and wisdom to inform our readership of investors, scientists, researchers, engineers, graduate students, policymakers, healthcare providers and patients, and the public at large, of developments in this novel arena that is poised to become central to every of field of human endeavor.

The Yuan is born from the conviction that AI must be harnessed to uplift humanity, not oppress it.

What is the meaning of The Yuan?

The concept of the Yuan’s LOGO derives from the Chinese character(yuán), which means ‘round’ or ‘a circle,’ a shape the distance from whose center is equal point to any point around it, thus signifying our desire to annihilate distance and bring together AI stakeholders from all around the world at one focal point. also means ‘come true,’ as in ‘a dream come true.’ In the spirit of both these senses, we are committed to realizing AI potential to transform people’s lives and fulfill the promise it holds to attain game-changing breakthroughs in such areas as e-commerce, sustainable agricultural, pandemic prediction, prevention and control, and amelioration of climate change and environmental degradation, among a myriad of other applications.

We hope you will join hands with us in a circle and help make an AI dream come true for all of us.

Our Team
Shiwei Wang
Publisher, The Yuan
Shifeng Wang
Chief Editor, The Yuan
Xin Zhou
Executive Chief Editor, The Yuan
Will Scott
English Editor, The Yuan
Kim Taylor
Account Manager, The Yuan
Benedict Armour
Correspondent, The Yuan
Yixin Sui
Social Media Editor, The Yuan
Christianna Polydorou
Organizer, The Yuan
Xinyi Yu
Organizer, The Yuan
Margot Ling
Organizer, The Yuan
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