Michelle Louise Jose
Michelle Louise Jose
Contributor, The Yuan

Michelle Louise Jose is a pharmacist working in the Healthtech industry with hands-on experience in content preparation for natural language processing. She is a staunch advocate of counteracting healthcare-related fake news.

AI revolutionizes cervical cancer prevention screening, empowers women’s health
Cervical cancer continues to be one of the biggest threats girls and women face, and while a comprehensive cure has not yet been realized, AI is already revolutionizing screening, prevention, and treatment methods, notes NLP and healthtech pharmacist Michelle Louise Jose.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Jun 26, 2024
Philippines enacts AI law in bid to harness, rein in the tech
Emerging markets
The Philippines passed its Artificial Intelligence Development Authority Act to formulate a coherent national strategy regulating the use of this new technology in response to warnings by AI mavens. NLP and healthtech pharmacist Michelle Louise Jose breaks down what it all means.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Aug 08, 2023
ASEAN governments regulate AI Software as a Medical Device
The COVID-19 pandemic tested the efficiency of healthcare, especially in emerging markets like Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Most of the industry’s pain points are being solved and automated by AI, and these solutions continue to learn and evolve as they crunch reams of data, but the question remains: Are the regulations ready to catch up with fast-learning AI software in the market?
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Nov 04, 2022
Philippine AI pivots from kidney disease management to prevention
Kidney diseases are one of the top causes of hospitalization and death globally, and afflict 10,000 Filipinos each year. COVID-19 has further strained already limited resources for kidney patients and hindered clinicians from scaling their services and care. An AI messaging platform is swinging the response from managing kidney disease to stopping it.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Jul 13, 2022
AI in Digital Therapeutics: Your Next Treatment Plan?
New era
Digital therapeutics (DTx) promises to make healthcare more accessible, proactive, and patient-centered, empowering patients, while also giving clinicians the ability to make better diagnoses. To better understand DTx, Michelle Louise Jose, a healthtech pharmacist who prepares natural language processing content, explains how one must first examine the key differences between telemedicine and DTx, as well as the challenges that must be addressed for DTx to fulfill its potential.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Apr 29, 2022
AI Boosts Patient Monitoring in the Philippines
The cost of healthcare in Third World countries like the Philippines is expensive but, thanks to artificial intelligence and remote patient monitoring, access to healthcare is improving and becoming more affordable.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Mar 11, 2022