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Neurosymbolic AI injects symbolic reasoning to give DL ‘the human touch’
Neurosymbolic AI is a novel method that empowers DL to reason symbolically, while also bolstering its already renowned ability to ingest and digest reams of data. SEO content creator Ava Addams maps a new route toward more intuitive AI, and forecasts a sea change in the offing.
Brain science
Ava Addams  |  Apr  19,  2024
Advantis Medical Imaging fuels innovation to redefine healthcare with AI
The Yuan recently spoke with Zoi Giavri, co-founder, president and chief product officer of leading medical software developer Advantis Medical Imaging to talk advances in healthcare. Eleni Natsi, a journalist focused on the transformative impact of AI, lets us in on their tête-à-tête.
Brain science
Eleni Natsi  |  Apr  18,  2024
GenAI offers a peek into the future of empathetic care in neuropsychiatry
Neuropsychiatric disorders are often difficult to treat because each patient’s case is unique and there are few, if any, other comparable cases to use as references. Fortunately, GenAI, a new tech, is now changing this outlook, argues Harvard Med Fellow Rohitashva Agrawal, MD,MPH.
Brain science
Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Apr  17,  2024
AI algorithms worsen social, intellectual isolation by cocooning users
Increased isolation and fraying social ties are major problems worldwide, yet they have also largely sneaked up on society. AI algorithms are partly to blame for this malaise, but one can take steps to combat it. ML engineer and technical writer Jacia Ebubechi outlines a regimen.
Brain science
Jacia Ebubechi  |  Apr  16,  2024
A tale of two sciences: The symbiosis between AI, neuroscience
The human brain served as the model for the advent of AI, which is now enabling a greater understanding of the brain’s inner workings. Their further interactions will open exciting real-life applications. Dr Gaurav Chandra presents these vistas.
Brain science
Gaurav Chandra  |  Apr  15,  2024
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