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Mental healthcare is in the midst of an AI-induced metamorphosis
AI is upending mental healthcare - from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and management - particularly among youngsters. Cambridge University Science Communicator Simone Castello, a former BBC journalist, ticks off the apps and their makers that are ringing in these changes.
Brain science
Simone Castello  |  Jan  18,  2024
New segment: Synergy of AI, brain science raises the consciousness of both
As a vine clinging to a trellis, the ever-growing inter-relationship between AI and neuroscience is propelling both disciplines to new heights. The Yuan is launching a new segment to document the interplay of AI and brain science as they edge ever closer together and in places merge.
Brain science
Shifeng Wang  |  Jan  01,  2024
Gut Instinct: How AI and the human microbiome team up against neurodegenerative disorders
Neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia afflict over 55 million people worldwide. Continuous efforts and advancements in the human microbiome promise to help, aided by AI, though the key may very well be ‘going with one’s gut,’ argues Dr Gaurav Chandra.
Brain science
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec  11,  2023
Creating intelligence in a laboratory is no longer a pipe dream
Artificial intelligence is one thing, but what if it were possible to create actual, biological intelligence in a laboratory? While this may be beyond today’s technology, that will not always be the case. Doctor, neuroscientist, and medical writer Ahmad M. Nazzal weighs in.
Brain science
Ahmad Nazzal  |  Nov  09,  2023
AI-aided diagnosis, treatment bring a ray of hope to ADHD sufferers
ADHD is reluctantly acknowledged in children, but is still stigmatized in adults. Rising numbers of victims now find themselves battling this disorder in today’s digital world, but AI may now offer new glimmers of encouragement, reports AI and Big Data journalist Disha Ganguli.
Brain science
Disha Ganguli  |  Aug  24,  2023
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