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Addressing Europe's corporate technology gap
Europe has shown the ability to adapt, change, and come together as needed in the face of a crisis. Yet crises like widening technology gaps with other leading economic regions may not occur as swift shocks, but also happen in slow motion over years or even decades, and Europe must address these crises to ensure its future competitiveness and prosperity.
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Jurica Novak, Jan Mischke  |  Jul  12,  2022
Equitable Capitalism or Bust
As global crise both natural and man-made occur with ever-increasing frequency and severity and inequality continues to become more of a problem throughout society, the need grows more urgent to push structural reforms to make capitalism more inclusive and effective, better positioning the world to deal with current crises and gear for future ones.
Emerging Market
Bertrand Badré, Yann Coatanlem  |  May  26,  2022
AI Startups Are Doing Poorly, as Is AI Overall
Much hype has surrounded AI startups in recent years, but some of this may be overblown as such startups have tended to underperform compared with their peers in other fields. Such companies’ profitability, or lack thereof, along with decisions about whether to go ahead with IPOs or SPACs offer insights into the current state of the AI sector, and what the near future holds.
Emerging Market
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  May  23,  2022
A Stagflation Storm Is Brewing, Leading Economist Warns
The threat of stagflation is increasingly worrisome, with both short-term and long-term structural factors to blame. Can the widespread implementation of AI help to offset some of these factors? And even if it can, will that be enough to avert a worst-case scenario for the global economy?
Emerging Market
Nouriel Roubini, Ben Armour  |  May  10,  2022
The Globe’s Methane Imperative
Methane traps over 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide does, so implementing strategies for limiting methane emissions will be crucial if the world is to achieve its emission reduction goals in the fight against climate change. AI can also help by preventing and identifying methane leaks and allocating energy more efficiently.
Emerging Market
Sarah Vogel, Marcelo Mena  |  May  04,  2022
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