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The Globe’s Methane Imperative
Methane traps over 80 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide does, so implementing strategies for limiting methane emissions will be crucial if the world is to achieve its emission reduction goals in the fight against climate change. AI can also help by preventing and identifying methane leaks and allocating energy more efficiently.
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Sarah Vogel, Marcelo Mena  |  May  04,  2022
Big Tech Stands Ready to Deliver AI-Powered Healthcare
Big Tech may be ready to deliver artificial intelligence-driven healthcare, but guarantees are lacking that this will go well. Would it be better to integrate AI into the existing system or to try introducing something completely new? Award-winning science journalist David H. Freedman takes a closer look at Big Tech’s plans for healthcare.
Emerging Market
David H. Freedman  |  Apr  25,  2022
Where Is Dubai Leading Us?
As one of the world’s most global, innovative, and trend-setting cities, Dubai serves as a model of development for many other cities, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. But given the ever-increasing threat posed by climate change, just how sustainable is Dubai’s growth model?
Emerging Market
Carlo Ratti  |  Apr  20,  2022
Startup Culture Goes Global
Digitization, increased connectivity, and falling costs are changing the nature of innovation across the globe and driving the creation of new innovation hubs. How can the public and private sectors work together to build thriving hubs of innovation that generate more inclusive economic growth and better opportunities, particularly in emerging markets?
Emerging Market
Michael Spence  |  Apr  12,  2022
The Legal Black Box Conundrum
Fears that intellectual property lawyers, policymakers and lobbyists are determining the future of health is real. But HIPPO AI founder Bart de Witte believes artificial intelligence policymakers should start focusing more on open-source AI for healthcare, to create true transparency and trust.
Emerging Market
Bart de Witte  |  Mar  29,  2022
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