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5G-driven AI, ML forecast traffic snarls within an ever-expanding range
AI, ML, and 5G are allying to achieve breakthroughs in traffic pattern management, easing congestion, and making highways everywhere safer, smarter, and more efficient. Purva Joshi, a PhD candidate in Healthtech at the University of Pisa, gives the green light to future mobility.
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Purva Joshi  |  Mar  22,  2024
AI is advancing preventive medicine, promoting better health
AI draws much attention for transforming areas of healthcare such as cancer treatments and surgery, but its greatest impact lies in keeping more people healthy so they do not need such intervention, argues Ahmed Zahlan, a Fulbright Scholar doing his PhD on AI healthcare startups.
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Ahmed Zahlan  |  Mar  15,  2024
AI fails to flag autoimmune diseases, of which women form 80% of victims
Autoimmune diseases are tricky for both AI and humans to spot and diagnose. Even specially-bred algorithms often fail to find their quarry, with devastating consequences for their mostly women sufferers. ML engineer and technical writer Jacia Ebubechi kindles a beacon of hope.
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Jacia Ebubechi  |  Feb  22,  2024
Teaching ‘AI and the law’ in law school
AI has come a long way in a short time and is no longer the exclusive domain of computer scientists and techies. Even aspiring lawyers are now learning about how its many applications will shape the future of the law, explains attorney, professor, and AI expert Eran Kahana.
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Eran Kahana  |  Feb  05,  2024
Zoonotic AI: Should AI cheetahs offer running advice and otters transcribe?
Most AI and robots assume a humanoid form, but zoonotic AI takes a different tack, with animal figures providing AI-powered services. Dr Anshu Suri, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the CD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, advises matching furries with their functions.
Domain knowledge
Anshu Suri  |  Feb  04,  2024
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