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QC in AI prompts much ballyhoo, but also holds real applications
Fanfare abounds about quantum computing, but this is increasingly justified, especially as QC and AI integrate ever more closely. AI expert Prof Patrick Glauner of Germany’s Deggendorf Institute of Technology describes the current dynamic and forecasts its future course.
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Patrick Glauner  |  Nov  24,  2023
Medical field takes first steps toward tackling ‘hallucination’ by LLMs
‘Hallucination,’ which refers to LLMs and other AIs presenting falsehoods as seemingly plausible facts, is a grave problem and one yet to be resolved. This becomes especially urgent when patients’ lives are at stake, although hope is at hand, writes ML developer Moein Shariatnia.
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Moein Shariatnia  |  Nov  10,  2023
Sepsis and machine learning-driven clinical decision support tools
ML may augment clinical support for potentially deadly immune reactions due to sepsis. To devise, test, and implement clinical support tools in clinical practice is arduous, but common denominators from successful use may apply to other severe conditions. Medical and analytics researcher Matthew Marcetich reports.
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Matthew Marcetich  |  Sep  29,  2023
Inclusion, accessibility are indispensable for healthtech’s success
Healthtech is now more than a fad. Apps and wearables are just the start: Healthtech can potentially improve health for a huge range of people, but equal access is key, says Marketing and Commercialization Prof Marzena Nieroda of the UCL Global Business School for Health, London.
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Marzena Nieroda  |  Aug  15,  2023
Scientists wield single-cell sequencing, ML data reduction to combat cancer
Single-cell RNA sequencing is a mighty weapon in cancer research that maps cell types and states, both individually and in clusters. ML then pares down the ensuing reams of data for ease of analysis. ML genetic and healthcare data specialist Dr Sara Moein explains their workings.
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Sara Moein  |  Aug  03,  2023
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