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Health messaging in the disinformation age
The spread of disinformation is akin to another pandemic, and poor communication and confusing, oft-changing advice from institutions like the US CDC make matters worse. Infectious disease expert William Haseltine looks at needful measures to rebuild trust, fight disinformation, and more effectively safeguard public health.
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William A. Haseltine  |  Sep  13,  2022
AI in mechanical engineering is more than just predictive maintenance
AI is increasingly being applied to the field of mechanical engineering, and now its applications go beyond simply predicting when and how problems might occur. Patrick Glauner, AI professor and consultant, takes a look at current developments and what the near future might hold.
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Patrick Glauner  |  Sep  02,  2022
Reaching the unreachable
The pandemic and economic uncertainty have taken their toll on many sectors, but healthtech is still a bright spot, with private equity firms and other investors continuing to spot promising areas of growth.
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Jennifer Dunphy  |  Aug  26,  2022
Creating an AI-driven organization
Many companies recognize the importance of AI to their businesses, but often cannot deploy it in a successful strategy. To get the most from data, firms need leaders savvy in AI and data analysis to make more flexible and adaptable hierarchies and invest in their greatest assets - employees - equipping them with the tools and motivation to upskill and thrive in the digital age.
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Semih Kumluk  |  Jun  21,  2022
AI screens for eye disease
AI-based eye screening holds great promise as a way of spotting early signs of eye diseases and many other ailments that can cause eye disorders, enabling medical professionals to act early while these maladies are still treatable, for better patient outcomes and lower costs.
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Wesley Baker  |  Jun  07,  2022
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