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Algorithms, algorithms, algorithms
AI and analytics expert Scott Burk took a close look at the true nature of models and how they work in his first article in this series. He now turns his focus on algorithms, questioning what precisely they are, and what their key function is in many technical fields.
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Scott Burk  |  Dec  05,  2022
Small sample size problems: learning from very few training examples
Conventional wisdom often holds that huge amounts of data are necessary to train models and algorithms to make them more accurate. However, this is not always feasible. Sometimes one must figure out how to learn and do the best one can from data that are available, even if they are not ideal.
Domain knowledge
Patrick Glauner  |  Dec  02,  2022
AI to combat nursing churn
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, nursing has been among the most stress-prone professions and also one of the hardest-hit by attrition. Using AI to identify and address some of the sources of this stress will enable nurses to do their jobs better and more efficiently, keep stress at much more manageable levels and prevent burnout.
Domain knowledge
Snigdha Bose  |  Dec  01,  2022
Survival analysis of lung cancer patients in the North Central Cancer Treatment Group
Lung cancer is a leading killer. One of the best ways of treating and even preventing it is to study lung cancer patients and use mathematical models to identify trends and find out who is at higher risk and who has a better chance of survival. Such data will help medical professionals to better understand this disease and come up with more effective treatments.
Domain knowledge
Vanessa Klotzman  |  Sep  29,  2022
Health messaging in the disinformation age
The spread of disinformation is akin to another pandemic, and poor communication and confusing, oft-changing advice from institutions like the US CDC make matters worse. Infectious disease expert William Haseltine looks at needful measures to rebuild trust, fight disinformation, and more effectively safeguard public health.
Domain knowledge
William A. Haseltine  |  Sep  13,  2022
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