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Applying AI in SPECT MPI in CAD
Single-photon emission computer tomography (SPECT) myocardial perfusion (MPI) plays a crucial role in diagnosing cardiovascular disease risk, and deep learning models can predict major adverse cardiac events (MACE) more accurately than today’s standard imaging protocols. This may treat more high-risk patients before the onset of atherosclerosis and heart attacks, achieving better outcomes with lower medical, social, and economic costs.
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Salim El Mejjad  |  May  06,  2022
How Does AI Diagnose Images?
Based on how humans can tell the similarities and differences between certain objects, mathematical features and classifiers can be used in algorithms so that AI can come to the same types of conclusions when analyzing more complex problems. But what is the best way to use features and classifiers to minimize the risk of an algorithm returning false positives or false negatives?
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Kyle Henson  |  Apr  15,  2022
The Medical AI Black Box Problem
The ‘Black Box’ problem in healthcare AI is a scenario in which a AI decision-maker has arrived at a decision that is not understandable to the patient or those involved in the patient's care because the system itself is not understandable to either of these agents. Dr Nemanja Kovačev investigates the mystery of the ‘Black Box’ and its function.
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Nemanja Kovačev  |  Feb  24,  2022
Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry in AI
Prof Patrick Glauner reveals the major gap between how artificial intelligence is taught at universities and real-world requirements in industry, how universities should enhance the employability of students, and how German Universities of Applied Sciences collaborate with industry to prepare students for the challenges they will face upon graduation.
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Patrick Glauner  |  Feb  21,  2022
AI’s Role in Lung Cancer Detection: the UK Experience
Dr Arianna Ferrini discusses the role of artificial intelligence in lung cancer detection and the United Kingdom’s AI strategy in cancer prevention.
Domain Knowledge
Arianna Ferrini  |  Feb  17,  2022
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