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More data is better? Bias in big datasets impacts ML models
AI professor and entrepreneur Patrick Glauner takes a look at why more data is not always better, suggesting addressing biases and other underlying shortcomings is more important than simply broadening sample sizes or increasing the amount of data analyzed.
Patrick Glauner  |  Oct  24,  2022
From sanctions to semiconductor resilience and security
Russia’s war in Ukraine has shaken up the global status quo and given the US and its allies more incentive to work closely together in a variety of areas. Two of the most critical of these are semiconductors and advanced microchips, which are essential both economically and in terms of national security. Closer collaboration in these and other areas therefore promises to deliver benefits for decades to come.
Laura Tyson, John Zysman  |  Oct  06,  2022
Deep learning finds depression on social media
This paper demonstrates a comparative performance of the various machine learning models used to classify tweets, which helps detect early signs of depression using computing tools, statistical analysis, linguistic feature extraction techniques, and machine-learning algorithms. Keywords—twitter, data mining, twins, Natural Language Processing, sentiment analysis, neural networks, LSTM.
Parisa Naraei  |  Sep  20,  2022
Revolutionizing diabetes care: AI interventions make for more precise patient management
Diabetes has long been difficult to manage, especially in rich countries but increasingly in developing countries as well. Whether or not one thinks this non-communicable disease should be treated as epidemic or as a lifestyle-related disease, it must be dealt with urgently, though fortunately AI is helping with personalized and effective treatments.
Marcus Ranney  |  Aug  22,  2022
Federated learning includes democratized and personalized AI with privacy by design
Federated learning is an ML technique that enables building of models without the need to store comprehensive personal data to address privacy and security concerns. It has many potential applications and holds great promise, so to understand its workings and its current drawbacks and what still needs to be done is key.
Satvik Tripathi  |  Aug  12,  2022
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