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More must be done to fully bridge the gender divide in the tech industry
Tech is the fastest growing and most dynamic sector, with endless opportunities for growth and innovation, but also notorious for its glaring gender gap: Women are underrepresented and subjected to prejudice and discrimination. Yet a sea change is now underway as ever more women flock to the industry, winning laurels as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.
Laura Clay  |  Feb  20,  2023
AI desperately needs human values
Humanity has a basic but worryingly incomplete understanding of AI’s abilities and faces the daunting hurdle of making it more ethical and human-centered, while mitigating its risks and nasty surprises. Social media, a potential force for good, but also infamous for sowing disinformation and undermining democracy and social cohesion, offers lessons, nonetheless.
Ana Palacio  |  Feb  15,  2023
AI and humanity: Beyond the buzz and toward reality
All the fanfare over AI and its potential obscures its actual capabilities. Such misconceptions must be appropriately addressed so that the razzmatazz and the high expectations it engenders do not part company with reality, according to ML engineer Jacia Ebubechi.
Jacia Ebubechi  |  Jan  19,  2023
‘AI ethics’ are doomed to failure - Part 1
As efforts to improve AI governance and devise rules governing its use gain momentum, ‘ethics’ is a buzzword that often pops up in talks of how to make AI more benign. The problem, however, is that the concept of AI ethics lacks substance and thus risks becoming meaningless. How to resolve this seeming paradox? Emmanuel R. Goffi, co-founder and co-director of the Paris-based Global AI Ethics Institute, weighs in.
Emmanuel R. Goffi  |  Jan  16,  2023
Medical blockchain dovetails with other tech
Now synonymous with cryptocurrency, blockchain also has key applications in healthcare, from securing data, to tailoring treatments to individual patients. Dr Rohitashva Agrawal foresees vast changes on the horizon from the tech’s growing deployment in medicine.
Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Dec  16,  2022
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