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What do doctors really need to know about ethical considerations of AI?
AI use poses an battery of ethical questions, although trying to address them is daunting even for professionals who work with the tech every day. AI and ML engineer Sahika Betul Yayli lays out practical guidelines for reference in this first in a two-part series.
Sahika Betul Yayli  |  Sep  19,  2023
Patenting AI works is often a difficult - and daunting - task
Industry and applied research must be keenly aware of how to devise a strategy to shield their innovations, and this indeed applies to AI. AI expert Prof Patrick Glauner sets up the high hurdles those seeking to patent inventions that include AI or are generated by it must clear.
Patrick Glauner  |  Sep  08,  2023
The Agile Leadership Framework™ gives AI ethics leaders invaluable skills
This is the first in a series on the Agile Leadership Framework™, a course on leadership for AI ethics in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry management. Author Dr Frank Lee Harper, Jr introduces the course here and illustrates why it is so invaluable in today’s world.
Frank Lee Harper  |  Sep  07,  2023
Artificial neural networks are growing increasingly powerful
ANNs decode neural activity and advance brain-computer interfaces and will soon be capable of much more - the reason medical professionals are so rosy about future personalized medicine and rare disease treatment, says software engineer and entrepreneur Mahmut Martin Yüksel, MD.
Mahmut Martin Yüksel  |  Aug  14,  2023
Enterprise AI workplace ethical frameworks must be empowered, normalized
The AI landscape is ever in flux, presenting opportunities for companies but even more risk. A thorough ethical framework is thus vital to keep up with changes and implement new tech more safely and effectively, says Sam Houston State University Entrepreneurship Prof Kyle Scott.
Kyle Scott  |  Aug  10,  2023
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