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Persuasive AI threatens society, democracy - even humanity itself
What is needed to change a person’s mind? As GenAI becomes more embedded in customer-facing systems such as human-like phone calls or online chatbots, this ethical question must be widely addressed - especially given AI’s tendency to conduce the spread of disinformation.
Terence Tse, Mark Esposito, Joshua Entsminger  |  Feb  20,  2024
What was 60 Minutes thinking in their recent interview with Geoff Hinton?
In an interview with Geoff Hinton, a so-called ‘godfather of AI,’ journalist and CBS news anchor Scott Pelley did not exactly do his homework. Though a missed opportunity, it also offers useful lessons, asserts Gary Marcus, a best-selling AI author, entrepreneur, and professor.
Gary Marcus  |  Feb  06,  2024
Truly global AI ethics and culture extend well beyond abstract discussions
Discussions about implementing frameworks governing AI ethics and culture must be more inclusive and culturally sensitive by focusing on non-Western perspectives that emphasize pragmatic, real-world concerns, stresses tech entrepreneur and AI ethics expert Jibu Elias.
Jibu Elias  |  Jan  16,  2024
Inflated sum of AI fears is far more pessimistic than is warranted
GenAI in the form of publicly accessible new tools like ChatGPT has unloosed a flood of fears over job losses, deepfakes - even doomsday. Michael R. Strain, director of Economic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, offers a counterargument to soothe these jitters.
Michael R. Strain  |  Jan  15,  2024
Has GenAI disappointed or just landed at the peak of inflated expectations?
GenAI is a classic example of reality failing to match the brouhaha and expectations. Best-selling author, futurist, and columnist Chuck Martin asks whether a complete overhaul of the tech is necessary, or if people simply need to recalibrate their expectations.
Chuck Martin  |  Dec  22,  2023
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