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AI’s Hippocratic Oath
Almost 36 million people worldwide die each year because they are not diagnosed in time. Gonzalo Benetti Hernandez believes these figures can be slashed by the embrace of AI-based technologies, above all if they are democratized for greater access by low-income households.
Gonzalo Benetti Hernández  |  Apr  28,  2022
Ethics of AI: Going Beyond Words
Artificial intelligence ethicist and philosopher of technologies, Emmanuel R. Goffi discusses the language of AI and understanding the ethics surrounding it.
Emmanuel Goffi  |  Mar  03,  2022
Paradox of Data Abundance and Utility in Healthcare
In theory, as healthcare data skyrockets and its doubling time decreases, artificial intelligence accuracy should improve. Dr Rutwik Shah says this is not necessarily the case. Read more to find out why.
Rutwik Shah  |  Feb  25,  2022
Communities Must Develop More Inclusive AI to Avert Bias
The human factor behind algorithmic bias is currently the subject of heated debate among scientists, politicians, and journalists. The goal of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based the Algorithmic Justice League (AJL) is to raise awareness about the impacts of AI, equip advocates with empirical research, and galvanize researchers, policy makers, and industry practitioners to mitigate AI harms and biases.
Tina Nord  |  Sep  15,  2021
AI and Data Ethics in Healthcare
The future potential of AI technologies in the healthcare industry is limitless. But many ethical questions have been raised about healthcare data storage and data security issues as well as algorithmic decision-making, which need to be explored in their own ethical dimensions.
Ana Chubinidze  |  Aug  25,  2021
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