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Looking ahead, OpenAI’s got 9.9 problems, and Twitch ain’t one
While late 2022 and 2023 were heady times for ChatGPT’s creator OpenAI, the AI darling faces many serious challenges in 2024 as its momentum slows and cracks in its business model become more apparent, argues best-selling AI author, entrepreneur, and professor Gary Marcus.
Gary Marcus  |  Apr  23,  2024
Q-learning strategies optimize healthcare decision-making, asset deployment
The Q-learning technique is an ML approach that allows AI algorithms to learn and improve over time. This self-learning has many applications, from finance to healthcare, and promises significant improvement in how AI and ML operate. AI engineer Douglas Amante shows us the ropes.
Douglas Amante  |  Mar  20,  2024
A comparison reveals the stark contrast between AI, human stupidity
This year’s World Economic Forum offered a snapshot on the state of the world and its many ongoing crises. While AI is achieving impressive results in many ways, these are largely being overshadowed by human stupidity, cautions NYU Professor Emeritus of Economics Nouriel Roubini.
Nouriel Roubini  |  Mar  18,  2024
Meaningful and impactful AI ethics requires an adaptive mindset
The second part of this series elaborates further on the Agile Leadership Framework™ and Strategic Hustler™ concepts introduced in the previous article, writes Dr Frank Lee Harper, Jr, AI thought leader and provost and vice chancellor at Cambridge Corporate University.
Frank Lee Harper  |  Mar  06,  2024
AI brings disconcerting change. Beware the “weaponised nostalgia” of populism
The populism that has recently surged can be summarised as ‘weaponized nostalgia.’ Best-selling AI author, keynote speaker and London Futurist Podcast co-host Calum Chace cites historical examples to warn of the perils that demagogues will pose in the age of AI.
Calum Chace  |  Feb  23,  2024
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