Eleni Natsi
Eleni Natsi
Contributor, The Yuan

Eleni Natsi is a journalist focused on the transformative impact of AI on modern societies. She is a firm believer in an interdisciplinary approach in AI which will help solve complex problems and spur critical thinking about its social implications.

Trikala, Greece’s First Digital City
Trikala houses 81,000 inhabitants in Greece’s agricultural heartland and at first glance would appear to be an unlikely candidate for a leading smart city. But the city, located in the Thessaly plains of central Greece, continues to evolve into one of the world’s top smart cities.
Eleni Natsi  |  Feb 23, 2022
Greek AI National Strategy: Fostering Innovation with an Eye on the Future
Dr Aimilios Chalamandaris, a member of the National Council for Research and Innovation of Greece, reveals the development of his nation’s data policy in parallel with the country’s national artificial intelligence strategy.
Eleni Natsi  |  Jan 13, 2022
Pfizer Chief Maps Out Digital Strategy to Enlist AI in Drug Development
Nico Gariboldi, Site Lead of the Pfizer Center for Digital Innovation, talks to The Yuan about the activities, partnerships, and central role in implementing Pfizer’s digital strategy.
Eleni Natsi  |  Dec 13, 2021
Myth Turns into Reality in Greece’s AI Terrain
Dr George Giannakopoulos sheds light on the artificial intelligence landscape in Greece and the challenges Greek companies face in adopting AI.
Eleni Natsi  |  Nov 01, 2021