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Future technology director reveals her vision for US biotech’s course ahead
Director of Future Technology Platforms at US NGO think tank the Special Competitive Studies Project Abigail Kukura sat for an exclusive interview with The Yuan’s Andrii Buvailo - pharma analyst and co-founder - and read her auguries for US biotech’s hereafter.
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Andrii Buvailo  |  Oct  26,  2023
An AI revolution is sweeping, transforming Brazilian healthcare
The rise of AI and the digital age are driving silent yet comprehensive change in Brazilian healthcare, with profound implications and innovative progress in digital health to benefit both doctors and their patients, says radiologist and healthcare executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles.
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Gustavo Meirelles  |  Oct  25,  2023
The Yuan Project is a new initiative to bring our contributors together
The Yuan is proud to unveil The Yuan Project, its latest initiative to help bring its online community of global experts together, connect, and share ideas as they seek to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of medical AI.
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Jack Kotin  |  Oct  16,  2023
AI: Unleashing the drug discovery revolution for a healthier tomorrow
AI has brought about a remarkable transformation in the realm of drug discovery, which was previously plagued by inefficiency and a significant failure rate. The historical inefficiencies in drug discovery are swiftly becoming a thing of the past, and the repercussions for the healthcare industry are monumental, as highlighted by Dr Dilraj Kaur, a bioinformatic scientist at the Institute of Cancer Research in London.
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Dilraj Kaur  |  Oct  13,  2023
Mercedes-Benz case study illustrates the impact of 5G and B5G on AVs
5G technology is now ubiquitous, but its applications extend beyond mobile networks. AVs are one example and 5G and its successors will be a big reason why if they ever become mainstream, says Purva Joshi, a PhD candidate in Healthtech at the University of Pisa.
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Purva Joshi  |  Sep  27,  2023
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