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Myths surrounding open source AI must be dispelled
Open source data and AI hold many advantages, yet still have a reputation as insecure and unreliable. AI expert Bart de Witte looks at several common misconceptions about OS data and explains the real situation.
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Bart de Witte  |  Sep  12,  2022
The era of the augmented human: artificial intelligence in brain-computer interfaces
Brain-computer interface technology has developed swiftly in recent years and holds great promise in treating a wide variety of neurological disorders. Several hurdles must still be overcome before its wide implementation in medicine, but other related, non-medical, non-invasive applications for cars and personal electronic devices may become a part of daily life even sooner.
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Eleni Natsi  |  Aug  31,  2022
War of the machines: AI develops sepsis early warning systems
After the development of antiseptics, antibiotics, and antibacterial drugs, humanity has had to contend with drug-resistant ‘super bacteria.’ This, problem and the ongoing one of sepsis - with its high risk of death if left untreated - remains unsolved, but if AI, Big Data, and ML are properly applied, they may finally achieve victory in this centuries-long fight.
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Gaurav Chandra  |  Aug  30,  2022
Can AI be sentient? And to what effect in healthcare and beyond?
The recent Google saga has stirred up a hornet’s nest over ‘sentient AI’ and spurred reexamination of this question and its implications for AI’s future. Sentient AI is not a bad thing per se since it would enable it to more effectively read human emotions.
New era
Alec Balasescu  |  Aug  16,  2022
The legality and ethics of facial recognition in healthcare
The use of biometrics seemed unstoppable just a few weeks ago. But then questions of data protection were raised and now the when, where, and why of how images of people can be used has become a lot more complicated.
New era
Nigel Morris-Cotterill  |  Aug  15,  2022
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