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The Bletchley Park summit on AI safety deserves two and a half cheers
There was a good deal of scepticism ahead of the summit on AI safety which took place at Bletchley Park earlier this month. Many world leaders decided to stay away, but the doubts about the organisers sticking to their more ambitious goals proved unfounded. For the first time, political leaders have publicly acknowledged the existential risk of advanced AI, and a global conversation is under way.
Calum Chace  |  Nov  21,  2023
Chinese regulators are giving the country’s AI firms a leg up
Chinese GenAI firms have to clear many hurdles to succeed, but the country’s government supports them - in contrast to the EU and US - and is taking active measures to do so, while also crafting less arbitrary policies and requirements, says Hong Kong Law Prof Angela Huyue Zhang.
Angela Huyue Zhang  |  Nov  13,  2023
The United Nations is ready to play its part
Leading AI nations in attendance have reached a world-first agreement establishing a shared understanding of the opportunities and risks posed by frontier AI. The Secretary-General of the UN comments during day one of the UK AI summit.
António Guterres  |  Nov  03,  2023
Arabian moonshots may hold huge implications for the whole world
In the run-up to the Global AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park at the start of November, Calum Chace discusses the role that the Gulf countries might play in helping to develop and deploy AI to universal benefit.
Calum Chace  |  Oct  23,  2023
Big Tech wants to govern AI not with humanity, but on its behalf
As regards AI governance, Big Tech is likely to prioritize its own interests over those of humanity. Bart de Witte, an expert on digital transformation in healthcare and founder of Berlin-based non-profit HIPPO AI, warns of thus setting a wolf to watch over the flock.
Bart de Witte  |  Oct  17,  2023
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