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Policy, advocacy seek to safeguard Africa’s internet access
Internet blackouts - both those intentionally imposed and those caused by poor infrastructure - have long plagued many parts of Africa. The current situation is still fraught, but glimmers of improvement in the near term offer hope for ML engineer Gift Kenneth.
Gift Kenneth  |  May  22,  2023
The key to responsible AI development
AI is a controversial and sometimes sensitive topic that can elicit strong reactions, with ChatGPT being a notable example. The world must focus on regulating AI responsibly to take advantage of its positives while having mechanisms in place to deal with its negatives.
Klaus Schwab, Cathy Li  |  Apr  27,  2023
The trek towards US health data interoperability goes at a snail’s pace
The US healthcare system is notorious for fragmentation, inefficiency, and high costs. Many efforts have been made to address these problems, but with limited success. Will ChatGPT and other newly available tools hold novel answers, or will they just generate even more data silos?
Gil Press  |  Apr  17,  2023
Does AI Act rise to Europe’s challenge in regulating GPT-4?
GPT-4 is promising, but further scrutiny is needed. AI Prof Patrick Glauner presents GPT-4’s key features, puts it into context, and talks the regulatory challenges Europe must tackle in dealing with generative AI models without choking innovation or yielding to the US and China.
Patrick Glauner  |  Apr  11,  2023
Changing course in troubled waters: new trends in Russia’s AI policy
Russia has long deemed AI of paramount importance to achieving its ambitions and aspirations, though its strategies and efforts have produced mixed results, but new shifts and trends are now beginning to emerge that could potentially reshape this landscape.
Nikolai Markotkin  |  Mar  06,  2023
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