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There is a strong case to be made for regulating GenAI through common law
Arguments over whose regulations are best regarding AI, LLMs, and other advance tech overlook the possibility that common law, with its case-by-case approach, offers the best solution for crafting sensible regulatory frameworks, argue profs S. Alex Yang and Angela Huyue Zhang.
S. Alex Yang, Angela Huyue Zhang  |  Feb  27,  2024
UK and US AI regulatory frameworks precede AI safety summit, impact healthcare
Both the UK and US governments published AI regulatory frameworks ahead of the first-ever AI Safety Summit hosted at Bletchley Park in November 2023. The two frameworks are both organized by five similar principles, and by comparing them AI developers will be better equipped to create AI tools designed for use in both UK and US settings.
Matthew Marcetich  |  Feb  26,  2024
AI tops the charts at Davos 2024 as The Yuan makes its grand entrance
The WEF now underway in Davos, Switzerland is bringing together household names from business, tech, government, and academia, with AI clearly in the ascendant for the first time. Three of The Yuan’s top contributors are also showing our flag at this year’s gala event.
Mevlut Katik  |  Jan  17,  2024
A forecaster’s foray into AI safety
The unchecked advancement of AI systems is a ticking time bomb. It’s time to regulate, writes superforecaster Tolga Bilge.
Tolga Bilge  |  Nov  30,  2023
The Bletchley Park summit on AI safety deserves two and a half cheers
There was a good deal of scepticism ahead of the summit on AI safety which took place at Bletchley Park earlier this month. Many world leaders decided to stay away, but the doubts about the organisers sticking to their more ambitious goals proved unfounded. For the first time, political leaders have publicly acknowledged the existential risk of advanced AI, and a global conversation is under way.
Calum Chace  |  Nov  21,  2023
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