Would You Like to Write for Us?
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become such a force driving human civilization forward that no one can stand in the juggernaut’s path. The time is ripe for AI to announce its intentions to the world and The Yuan provides an open community platform for it and its readers to express their views on its infinite scientific wisdom.
All opinions will be accepted and treated with respect, barring those which seek to fan the flames of hatred or spread lies. Yet we must be aware of the boundaries to objective human understanding, because biased subjective intentions threaten to spawn huge deviations in the AI world.
The Yuan adopts this approach because we ascribe to and adhere to a plain and simple tenet, one which believes AI should serve everyone irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or status. AI must be almighty, all-inclusive, and temperate in a new dawning era.
The Yuan invites you to help elevate this exciting new scientific platform, furnish materials for moral reflection, and engender a forward-looking gaze within the field.

Why write for us?
Avail yourself of this unique opportunity to make your voice heard amid all the buzz and clamor surrounding this transformative technology taking the world by storm. We offer compensation on a case-by-case basis and are happy to enlist long-term, serial contributors who can bring value to the AI discourse.

Who can write for us?
As an open AI community, The Yuan welcomes contributions from people from all walks of life for our feature articles section, consistent with our stance that AI is a “humans of the commons” that should contribute to the benefit of all, while our academic section is reserved for those who have published on-topic articles in leading scholarly journals.

When to write for us?
Anytime inspiration strikes; please, however, sound us out in advance on your story idea.

Handling of your submission
You will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of your proposed submission. If accepted, your article will generally appear in print within one month.

Articles run to about 1,000-1,500 words. Figures may accompany the text. Please remember you cannot expect our readers to have any specialized knowledge. Thus, please avoid formulas and extensive data tables and jargon. Long names (e.g., ‘United States Food and Drug Administration’) should be defined in brackets (e.g., ‘(FDA)’) as abbreviations/acronyms, which should be used thereafter.

Please refer to our detailed Style Guidelines. We also use ‘The Chicago Manual of Style’ for references and citations.

I. Feature articles
Please email us an abstract in advance. A perusal of recent stories on our website is a good way to judge whether your concept fits in with our lineup and how to pitch your work to our readers.

II. Academic articles
In addition, The Yuan has an academic section, in which scholarly articles are republished, unlocked from their ivory tower, and made more accessible to a lay audience.

1. Who can write an academic story for The Yuan?
A contributor who has published in a leading academic journal.
2. What are the hallmarks of a story for The Yuan's academic section?
  • The article is about an academic paper, but is not itself an academic paper
  • Its benchmarks are the same as The Yuan's, and it is thus less formalistic than an academic paper
  • It describes the author’s research and how the article got published in a top journal
  • It relates the post-publication reaction if any
  • It presents the future developments to be anticipated in this area of research
3. Inspiration
Please state how you researched and drafted your article and the source of its inspiration, either at its end or beginning.
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