Shifeng Wang
Shifeng Wang
Chief Editor, The Yuan

Shifeng Wang is a published author, experienced journalist and co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Evomics Medical, an artificial intelligence-based healthcare start-up company working to provide an unprecedented holistic approach to precision medicine.

The Myth of Artificial Intelligence
Our ancestors went in fear of disease and the unknown wind, rain and lightning because they did not know what state succeeded the death, which these forebears also feared. Therefore, our progenitors consigned their own lives and their understanding thereof to the existence of higher powers, hoping to ease their senseless fear by surrendering some of their cognition and power to establish a channel for dialog with unknown forces.
Shifeng Wang  |  Jul 21, 2021
We Cordially Invite You to Join Our Community
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become such a force driving human civilization forward that no one can stand in the juggernaut’s path. The time is ripe for AI to announce its intentions to the world and The Yuan intends to provide an open community platform for it and its readers to express their views on its infinite scientific wisdom.
Shifeng Wang  |  Jun 28, 2021