Ahmed Zahlan
Ahmed Zahlan
Contributor, The Yuan

Ahmed Zahlan is a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Columbia Business School, where he is conducting his PhD research on AI healthcare startups. Zahlan is recognized for his groundbreaking work on Glutect, which has earned him several invention prizes, and was named one of the best innovators in Morocco in 2019. 

Data, infrastructure barriers hamper AI's cure of Africa's healthcare woes
Africa will gain the most from AI’s activation in healthcare, but the road to fulfilling this vision is a rocky one. Fulbright Scholar Ahmed Zahlan, who is pursuing his PhD in AI healthcare startups, charts the path the second most populous continent must take to reach this goal.
Ahmed Zahlan  |  May 08, 2024
AI is advancing preventive medicine, promoting better health
Domain knowledge
AI draws much attention for transforming areas of healthcare such as cancer treatments and surgery, but its greatest impact lies in keeping more people healthy so they do not need such intervention, argues Ahmed Zahlan, a Fulbright Scholar doing his PhD on AI healthcare startups.
Ahmed Zahlan  |  Mar 15, 2024
AI healthcare startups are already having a transformative impact
Emerging markets
Most AI-driven healthcare startups are not household names, yet their impact is far from negligible. Ahmed Zahlan, a Fulbright Scholar doing his PhD on AI healthcare startups at the Columbia Business School, assesses the situation and drops some names to keep an eye on.
Ahmed Zahlan  |  Nov 02, 2023
Cutting edge technology is driving financial savings for AI in healthcare
Emerging markets
Efforts to reform US healthcare have failed to address the causes of its ills - fragmentation, exorbitant costs, inefficiency, fraud, and waste. Ahmed Zahlan, a Fulbright Scholar doing his PhD on AI healthcare at Columbia Business School, offers his take on how to set it right.
Ahmed Zahlan  |  Jul 28, 2023