Gustavo Meirelles
Gustavo Meirelles
Contributor, The Yuan

Gustavo Meirelles is a thoracic radiologist, with postdoctoral training in PET/CT imaging at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and an MBA in Business Administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He is also a healthcare entrepreneur, speaker and advisor.

Brazil’s burgeoning inland cities offer rich digital health pickings
The hardships of providing healthcare services in a socioeconomically limited area can be key to unlocking the value of innovative solutions, and Northeast Brazil’s Pernambuco is an informative case study in this regard, says radiologist and healthcare exec Dr Gustavo Meirelles.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Aug 31, 2023
Adopting structured reporting in diagnostic radiology is surprisingly hard
Reporting exam results is a key task of radiologists and other medical professionals, but despite structured reporting’s benefits, many medical professionals prefer the free-hand unstructured sort. Radiologist and healthtech executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles urges a change of heart.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Aug 04, 2023
The synergy of humans and AI: Nurturing humanity in the age of innovation
Crossing from the Old World that launched the Age of Exploration to the New World that bore its brunt, our voyage of intelligent discovery lands on day five on the shores of Brazil, named for a tree yielding a dye as red as embers (brasas) so precious Portugal’s bandeirantes eagerly shed the equally carmine blood of the area’s indigenes to obtain the colorant, before these bannermen mixed their own with them and others to produce Brazil’s largely Pardo people. On day five of our quest, radiologist Gustavo Meirelles takes the helm in the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest city to relate how other historic advancements that aroused dire fears at the start were ultimately also fully incorporated into human society.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Jun 23, 2023
Brazil must be a model for the world in tackling healthcare, climate crises
Rapid climate change and a healthcare system that must not only cope with a hotter world but itself withstand its weather ravages as well is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today. Brazil’s unique experience with both offers many lessons for the rest of the globe.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Jun 07, 2023
Command centers are key to operating remote imaging equipment
Remote operation of magnetic resonance and CT equipment emerged as an innovation and has now become a huge difference-maker in Brazil and the rest of the world, as thoracic radiologist and healthcare entrepreneur Gustavo Meirelles explains.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Apr 21, 2023
Parable: AI and data integration will confer myriad capabilities on hospitals
What will healthcare systems, hospitals and other medical institutions be like decades in the future? Radiologist and healthcare executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles spins a yarn depicting what they might be capable of, and how today’s technology and current research will usher in this golden era.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Feb 17, 2023
Data ownership and open health: A revolution in healthcare?
The idea of owning one’s data is not new, though scattered data is a big obstacle to this ideal, above all in healthcare. Brazil has a potential solution, informatizing and integrating health data among private and public systems. Patients’ full access to and ownership of their data will lessen chances of their misuse and allow compensation for their use by others. Gustavo Meirelles, vice president and chief medical officer at Brazil’s second-largest diagnostic imager Alliar Group, elaborates.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Jan 12, 2023
Brazil’s unique approach to AI+ healthcare
Radiologist and healthcare executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles examines how Brazil’s RadVid-19 program has fostered affordable, AI-based healthcare during COVID-19 by teaming doctors, scientists, and entrepreneurs to arm the country’s healthcare system to handle this pandemic and future ones.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Oct 05, 2022