Sara Moein
Sara Moein
Contributor, The Yuan

Sara Moein develops and applies machine learning and optimization algorithms on genetic and healthcare data for knowledge discovery. Predicting the outcome of healthcare procedures, modeling gene behavior, and discovering associations between genetic defects and diseases are among her main research interests.

Physics equations for smart healthcare
Medical machine learning researcher Sara Moein explains how AI methods take advantage of physics equations and phenomena from nature, and offers examples of how these methods apply in healthcare.
Sara Moein  |  Nov 10, 2022
AI finding: aspirin improves heart surgery outcomes in newborns
AI methods are being applied in various areas, including the detection of the best medications for curing diseases. In this article, Dr Sara Moein explains how intelligent methods help doctors administer the best medications to achieve the best outcomes after Systemic-Pulmonary Arterial shunt surgery in newborns.
Sara Moein  |  Oct 20, 2022
Pathologists wield AI to detect cancer, complex diseases
Machine learning, artificial intelligence and other smart methods are poised to turbocharge the work of pathologists. Follow medical machine learning researchers Sara Moein as she conducts a tour of these technologies and hints at what the future holds in store.
Sara Moein  |  Jul 21, 2022
AI, Cardiologists Team to Beat Heart Disease
Detecting heart disorders from electrocardiogram (ECG) signals is no easy task as noise often corrupts ECG signals. Dr Sara Moein presents different approaches for AI to serve cardiologists for more accurate, quicker heart disorder diagnoses.
Sara Moein  |  Jun 02, 2022
Intelligent Methods Predict Children’s Heart Surgery Outcomes
Dr Sara Moein explains how AI predicts the outcomes of heart surgery in children and presents details about using the pediatric health information system database to design an intelligent model to identify patients at higher risk of complications from surgery to avert adverse outcomes.
Sara Moein  |  Apr 19, 2022
AI’s Role in Detecting Mental Diseases
Dr Sara Moein discusses the role of artificial intelligence in detecting mental health disease and explains various data structures that AI applies to identify the hidden patterns for mental health diagnosis and treatment.
Sara Moein  |  Mar 17, 2022