Patrick Glauner
Patrick Glauner
Contributor, The Yuan

Patrick Glauner is a full professor of AI at Germany’s Deggendorf Institute of Technology. He also runs his own AI consulting firm, He headed the corporate AI competence center at Krones Group and, as an expert witness, advised the German federal parliament and the French National Assembly on AI. He ranked among CDO Magazine’s Leading Academic Data Leaders in 2022.

Achieving Success With AI Projects
Prof Patrick Glauner takes a close look at the ranks of firms that have invested in AI and reveals why some 80 percent of them fail. He analyzes what companies should be doing to use AI more effectively.
Patrick Glauner  |  May 03, 2022
AI Is on the Narrow Trail to Accelerate Climate Change
Prof Patrick Glauner acknowledges that one of the greatest challenges facing mankind is climate change, and discusses the technical innovations that will be pivotal in helping to cut and avoid emissions, while also making sure that such new technologies do not contribute to climate change.
Patrick Glauner  |  Apr 22, 2022
AI Detective Lets Utilities Lift the Lid on Electricity Theft
Electricity theft is the criminal act of using electrical power without paying compensation. Its global cost is some US$96 billion every year. Help is at hand, however, in the shape of artificial intelligence, as Prof Patrick Glauner investigates.
Patrick Glauner  |  Mar 14, 2022
Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry in AI
Domain Knowledge
Prof Patrick Glauner reveals the major gap between how artificial intelligence is taught at universities and real-world requirements in industry, how universities should enhance the employability of students, and how German Universities of Applied Sciences collaborate with industry to prepare students for the challenges they will face upon graduation.
Patrick Glauner  |  Feb 21, 2022
Does Quantum Computing Live up to the Hype?
Quantum computing is a rapidly-emerging technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics to solve problems far too complex for classical computers. It is predicted to become even faster and work out even more sophisticated scientific equations in future. Prof. Dr Patrick Glauner acknowledges the promise in quantum computing but believes far too many obstacles still remain to overcome before it takes the place of conventional computers.
Patrick Glauner  |  Nov 08, 2021
The EU Has No Clear AI Strategy
The European Commission published an AI Act to create a legal framework for artificial intelligence within the European Union. Many believe the document is too broad, will lead to overregulation, and lacks a clear strategy.
Patrick Glauner  |  Oct 18, 2021