Patrick Glauner
Patrick Glauner
Contributor, The Yuan

Dr. Patrick Glauner has been a Full Professor of Artificial Intelligence at Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Bavaria, Germany since the age of 30. In parallel, he runs his own AI consulting firm, He previously worked at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and headed the corporate AI competence centre at Krones Group. He studied at Imperial College London and has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Luxembourg. His works on AI have been featured in New Scientist, McKinsey, Imperial College London, Udacity, the Luxembourg National Research Fund, and others. As an expert witness, he advised the German federal parliament and the French National Assembly on AI.

The EU Has No Clear AI Strategy
The European Commission published an AI Act to create a legal framework for artificial intelligence within the European Union. Many believe the document is too broad, will lead to overregulation, and lacks a clear strategy.
Patrick Glauner,  |  Oct 18, 2021