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AI is making digital immortality a reality, but not always as expected
By Jack Kotin  |  Jun 20, 2024
AI is making digital immortality a reality, but not always as expected
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Just as mobile phones, apps, and social media have completely changed people’s lives over the past 15 years, personalized AI is also poised to completely redefine how people live. This includes digital selves, which live on even after their physical counterparts have passed away.

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS - Two decades ago, few people could have imagined that smartphones would take the world by storm and completely change the way people live their lives. Fast forward to today, and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is also changing how people work, play, and accomplish a wide range of tasks. The full impact of these changes has yet to be felt, but it is almost certain that the next 10 to 15 years will also feature technological upheaval and new lifestyles and possibilities that one would be hard-pressed to imagine today.

New players like OpenAI and its chatbot ChatGPT are driving some of this change, as are well-established players like Apple, which kicked off the smartphone revolution and now seems poised to further blur the boundaries between people’s lives in the real world and the digital one. As one might expect, this will affect “your routines, your relationships, your communications, and more

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