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Intelligent Methods Predict Children’s Heart Surgery Outcomes
Dr Sara Moein explains how AI predicts the outcomes of heart surgery in children and presents details about using the pediatric health information system database to design an intelligent model to identify patients at higher risk of complications from surgery to avert adverse outcomes.
Sara Moein  |  Apr  19,  2022
AI Apps in the Pharma Industry: Getting the Balance Right
Google Scholar and The Yuan’s youngest contributor, Satvik Tripathi, looks at the role of artificial intelligence in developing new drugs and how it helps in tackling diseases that were once thought to be too difficult to take on.
Satvik Tripathi  |  Apr  12,  2022
AI’s Role in Detecting Mental Diseases
Dr Sara Moein discusses the role of artificial intelligence in detecting mental health disease and explains various data structures that AI applies to identify the hidden patterns for mental health diagnosis and treatment.
Sara Moein  |  Mar  17,  2022
AI Offers Therapy to Mental Healthcare Sufferers in Nigeria
Gift Kenneth tackles government inertia in Nigeria, negative stereotypes, and stigma surrounding mental health issues, how technology reinforces the illness, and how artificial intelligence can be a panacea in its cure.
Gift Kenneth  |  Mar  10,  2022
Combating Climate Change With AI
With the loss of major parts of the Amazon rainforest, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and last year’s bushfires in Australia, it is evidently clear we have reached the tipping point in climate change. Dr Marcus Ranney delves into climate change and discusses the AI tools needed to fix it.
Marcus Ranney  |  Mar  07,  2022
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