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Infotainment systems for voice-controlled cars represent a big step forward
Alexa and Siri are well-known voice assistants but deliver mixed results. Similar technology is now going a step further to create smarter car infotainment systems, with AI researcher and tech expert Parisa Naraei shedding light on the specific methodology involved.
Parisa Naraei  |  Mar  21,  2024
Vision Pro realizes Steve Jobs' last vision, but Apple does not yet see it
If Steve Jobs were still alive, Apple Vision Pro would have come out earlier and featured AI at its core, writes award-winning tech columnist Satyen K. Bordoloi as he outlines a vision for AVP that Apple would do well to adapt.
Satyen K. Bordoloi  |  Mar  12,  2024
The AI revolution is creating new possibilities in climate science
AI is transforming the world’s weather forecasting systems, helping scientists better understand Earth and giving them access to new tools for the world’s fight against climate change, says Giulio Boccaletti, Scientific Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.
Giulio Boccaletti  |  Jan  29,  2024
Preventing AI nuclear Armageddon is one of today’s greatest challenges
In today’s fraught geopolitical climate, AI’s impact on nuclear weapons systems shows that new safeguards are needed, argues Melissa Parke, former Australian minister for international development and Executive Director of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.
Melissa Parke  |  Jan  26,  2024
Generative technology is even changing the nature of pornography
Generative technology - commonly referred to as ‘generative AI’ - is opening the door to photo-realistic imagery of the foulest kinds. This is not some hidden dark art, either - it is readily available in any browser on any computer or phone, and this is just the beginning.
Nigel Morris-Cotterill  |  Dec  18,  2023
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