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Environmental tariffs could be a game changer
As climate change devastates the environment, all mitigating means must be considered. Some countries have turned to carbon taxes, but not the world’s biggest emitters the US, China, and India, where political barriers prevent this. Environmental tariffs, however, could circumvent such obstacles and even more effectively achieve their aim via incentives.
Daron Acemoglu  |  Aug  24,  2022
NITI Aayog to make India an AI-driven healthcare economy
The Government of India is pushing various initiatives to turn the country into a haven of healthcare AI, but entrepreneur and The Yuan contributor Priya Dialani questions when this resolve will actually transform into reality.
Priya Dialani  |  Jul  26,  2022
Pathologists wield AI to detect cancer, complex diseases
Machine learning, artificial intelligence and other smart methods are poised to turbocharge the work of pathologists. Follow medical machine learning researchers Sara Moein as she conducts a tour of these technologies and hints at what the future holds in store.
Sara Moein  |  Jul  21,  2022
AI finds new antibiotics using human body proteins, but will this fight superbugs?
The overuse of antibiotics has led to the evolution of drug-resistant ‘superbugs.’ Though artificial intelligence can discover newer, more powerful drugs, these will likely cause bacteria to evolve yet again to become even more resistant. Instead, a longer-lasting solution is needed that will address the root cause of all this, and AI could very well hold the key to making this a reality too.
Alec Balasescu  |  Jul  14,  2022
Indian Healthcare Leaders Urge Accelerated AI Healthcare R&D
Some 94 percent of India’s healthcare leaders want their facilities to invest in AI, reflecting the transformation the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought and greater receptiveness to the technology, coupled with a growing awareness that India’s unique features make it fertile ground for the cultivation of AI+healthcare.
Apoorva Komarraju  |  May  19,  2022
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