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AI digital twin ocean tech to help Nigeria cope with natural disasters
Nigeria is a vast, complex country facing myriad challenges, not the least of which are climate-induced and other natural disasters, but new tech is in the works that can help model and predict nature’s fury and cushion its impact. ML engineer Jacia Ebubechi gives the lowdown.
Jacia Ebubechi  |  Sep  25,  2023
AI is changing the game and leading to more biotech breakthroughs
Ever since the integration of AI into biotech began in earnest, many advances have taken place at a pace that would have seemed impossible even just a few years ago. This promises to speed up drug development, lower costs, and raise efficiency, among other benefits.
Lorena Antonovici, Eduard Musinschi  |  Sep  14,  2023
AI can unleash nuclear medicine’s potential, boost it to new heights
Nuclear medicine uses radioactive material to diagnose and treat disease more precisely than traditional methods. Coupled with advancements in AI, it has a chance to make even more progress in the coming years, above all in India, states Harvard Med-trained Dr Rohitashva Agrawal.
Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Aug  29,  2023
Data science reshapes life sciences at the pulsing heart of innovation
Cambridge scientists have driven many breakthroughs underpinning medicine. The city’s cluster has a vibrant life sciences scene, with AI upending knowledge management and transfer, says Simone Castello, an ex-BBC journalist who is now Science Communicator at Cambridge University.
Simone Castello  |  Aug  25,  2023
Proliferation of smartphones, GAI trigger a sea change in healthcare
The ongoing digital revolution - and especially the advent of the smartphone - has transformed many industries, yet healthcare still lags, but accessible, affordable, convenient, personalized healthcare is now starting to become available to more than ever before.
Rohitashva Agrawal  |  Jul  24,  2023
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