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AI revolutionizes cervical cancer prevention screening, empowers women’s health
Cervical cancer continues to be one of the biggest threats girls and women face, and while a comprehensive cure has not yet been realized, AI is already revolutionizing screening, prevention, and treatment methods, notes NLP and healthtech pharmacist Michelle Louise Jose.
Michelle Louise Jose  |  Jun  26,  2024
AI is making digital immortality a reality, but not always as expected
Just as mobile phones, apps, and social media have completely changed people’s lives over the past 15 years, personalized AI is also poised to completely redefine how people live. This includes digital selves, which live on even after their physical counterparts have passed away.
Jack Kotin  |  Jun  20,  2024
Japanese anime, manga offer hints as to ‘apocalyptic’ AI, robots
Western films and cartoons tend to play up apocalyptic fears in their portrayals of AI, robotics, and other advanced tech, but Japanese anime and manga show how these might just end up blending in and becoming part of people’s everyday lives, argues AI ethicist Tomoko Mitsuoka.
Tomoko Mitsuoka  |  Jun  12,  2024
Will AI one day become conscious or sentient? Nicholas Humphrey weighs in
The Yuan and the London Futurist recently sat down with Nicholas Humphrey, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the London School of Economics and Bye Fellow at Darwin College, Cambridge. His latest book, Sentience: The Invention of Consciousness explores the emergence and role of consciousness from various perspectives.
Jack Kotin, Ben Armour  |  Jun  11,  2024
The world must navigate, embrace technological innovation, peer review
Plenty of scientific papers and patents are being published, but more disruption, greater creativity, and more high-risk, high-reward research are needed. Understanding the peer review paradox may hold the key to unlocking this, argues Adnexus Biotechnologies Inc CEO Dr Gaurav Chandra.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Jun  05,  2024
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