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Rise of robo-surgeons to benefit patients, medical practitioners alike
The global surgical robotics market may well surge to around USD18.4 billion by 2027. Robots are performing complex surgeries to reduce risks and enable faster patient recovery, while also easing burnout among surgeons, reports Cambridge University writer Simone Castello.
Simone Castello  |  May  26,  2023
Evomics Medical's AI, nuclear medicine are game changers against cancer
As we all know, speed is essential in cancer treatment, so by speeding up the analysis process and getting valuable insights to clinicians sooner, AI can enable diagnoses to be made earlier and more accurately, with lives saved.
Calum Chace  |  May  04,  2023
AI: a paradigm shift in drug discovery
Drug discovery has traditionally been a painstaking and arduous process that can take decades in a best-case scenario. AI is now changing both how this is done and how fast, thus redrawing the bounds of possibility along the way.
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  May  03,  2023
The import of Bill Gates’ letter ‘The Age of AI has Begun’
This article is the first in a blog series by Moh Noori, founder and CEO of AI heart disease predicter ScriptChain Health. It looks at how the Bill Gates Foundation uses AI in education and healthcare and invests to ensure it benefits as many as possible, not just the elite.
Moh Noori  |  Apr  13,  2023
ThirdEye’s AR smart glasses revolutionize healthcare
Virtual and augmented reality were once mostly confined to gaming, entertainment, and science-fiction flicks but they have now moved beyond into healthcare. ThirdEye is one company at the forefront of use of these technologies to achieve better healthcare and patient experiences.
Priya Dialani  |  Apr  06,  2023
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