DELTA DIALOG DELTA DIALOG is a series of discussions and interviews on AI and technology as in its development, usage in different sectors and industries, and how it engages or better said changes the world. Together with experts from diverse industries, the show explores many perspectives regarding AI and technology that has everyday implications around the world.
Open Medical Data - The European Strategy: a waste of time or due diligence?
On the third episode of the Delta Dialog, we discussed open medical data in Europe as well as overall AI. Since the technology is relatively new and rules and regulations as well as policymaking takes a long time in Europe, it seems that the actual implementation of open medical data and the widespread use of AI will be slowed down. Policies such as the European Health Data Space, the Data Act, the GDPR and the new AI Act need major attention within the AI and open medical data space as discussed within the episode.
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Open Medical Data - A fairytale or the future?
On the second episode of the Delta Dialog, we discussed a very different perspective on open medical data than the first, namely on how difficult the challenges that have to be overcome actually are. Some major challenges facing open medical data comes from the quality of data, the utility of AI within open medical data, policy infrastructure and of course funding and human capital.
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Open Medical Data - What is it and how does it work?
Hi and welcome to Delta Dialog, in this podcast we talk about Open Data, Open Medical Data, and AI from above and beyond and explore its implications for our world. In the first episode of our series on Open Medical Data we discuss what the term really means and the challenges facing Open Medical Data.
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