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Nigerians in the age of AI
As AI is ever-more integral to daily life it is now no novelty even in the most-remote countries. Despite this ubiquity, many Nigerians remain wholly unaware of the potential impact of AI on them and on society in Africa’s most populous country, ML engineer Gift Kenneth explains.
Gift Kenneth  |  Mar  15,  2023
The Yuan's commentators respond: What lies beyond the AI tipping point?
Some tout AI’s boosted productivity, accelerated R&D, and better healthcare delivery, or warn it will kill jobs, worsen inequality and pose ethical and existential risks. Andrea Komlosy, Sami Mahroum, Stan Matwin, and Gabriela Ramos talk the AI revolution that is already upon us.
AI is being used for better talent acquisition and engagement leveraging
Large companies have long used AI to help sift resumes and screen candidates in their recruitment. More tools are now available than ever for doing this, harnessing the power of ML and NLP to optimize recruiting and applications, not just for HR professionals but also candidates.
Snigdha Bose  |  Mar  10,  2023
AI in nuclear medicine: harnessing the power of radiation to do good
Radioactive substances are normally harmful, but nuclear medicine aims to take that destructive power and use it to treat - or at least diagnose - diseases. Efforts to combine this with AI to treat diseases like cancer in new and more effective ways continue to advance, and so the globally leading online AI community The Yuan has partnered with the world-renowned think tank Deep Pharma Intelligence and the world leading nuclear medicine company Evomics to put together this report, which takes an in-depth look at the latest AI applications in nuclear medicine and radiology and what the future of AI in these fields might look like, as well as the specific steps being taken by the private sector and governments around the world to help drive this development.
Jian Zhou, Jack Kotin  |  Mar  01,  2023
Overcoming the limitations of large language models
Large language models, or LLMs, have garnered a lot of attention lately, but many exciting developments and applications are yet to come. In this article, Janna Lipenkova contrasts the learning process of LLMs with human learning, discusses the gaps and presents a range of methods to augment and enhance LLMs with human-like cognitive capabilities.
Janna Lipenkova  |  Feb  24,  2023
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