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AI restores ‘right to speech’
Google CEO Sundar Pichai argues in this thought-provoking article that the ‘right to speech’ is effectively denied to those who suffer from speech impediments. Early diagnosis is key to helping kids overcome such disabilities, and this is where AI can come into its own, he notes.
Sundar Pichai  |  Jul  28,  2022
Reform of the clinic: doctor, AI, patient ‘triadic relationship’
Dr Orhan Onder argues that during the shift from the conventional doctor-patient dyadic clinic to the new doctor-AI-patient triadic clinics, theoretical investigations must be prioritized to forestall future ethical breaches and other adverse effects.
Orhan Onder  |  Jul  20,  2022
Yes, no, maybe
What is artificial intelligence really, and how does it work? AI has drawn much attention in recent years, but all the hype and the potential surrounding it often obscure the true situation. AI’s dominance is far from preordained or inevitable, and one must step back and assess things from time to time, as these four characters A, B, C, and D do here.
Nigel Morris-Cotterill  |  Jun  20,  2022
Alexa Relationships Are So Complex
People’s relationships with their virtual assistants are more complicated than they might seem at first, and much of this stems from the tendency to anthropomorphize objects and non-sentient beings. Privacy and security concerns add a whole other layer to how and for what people are best off using their virtual assistants, how this relationship should appear, and how integrated virtual assistants should be part of daily life - or not.
Marisa Tschopp  |  May  25,  2022
Looping Farmers, Foresters in Agro-AI
Agriculture and forestry have not traditionally been at the forefront of AI and other hi-tech innovations, but positive results are being achieved by combining AI capabilities with the human expertise and knowledge of farmers and foresters. Deploying fully autonomous systems is not yet feasible, but existing technology has already helped to improve productivity and reduce accidents.
Anna Saranti  |  May  05,  2022
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