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AI might seem like HR’s savior, but it can also be a saboteur
Companies increasingly rely on AI to recruit and hire new talent, and the tech might soon be used to decide which employees to fire too. At first glance, this seems good because it reduces workloads for HR employees, but it is also controversial, writes Prof Koen Dewettinck.
Koen Dewettinck  |  May  22,  2024
AI WWI raging in Ukraine will by no means be the last
The use of AI is burgeoning in armed conflicts great and small all around the world, but most notably nowadays in Ukraine. Although still subject to technical limits, the tech looks set to soon transcend these, as warfare once again proves to be the real ‘mother of invention.’
Xin Zhou, Ben Armour  |  May  16,  2024
AI sleuths out Parkinson's disease earlier for more effective intervention
Parkinson’s disease afflicts many people, yet often goes undetected until symptoms have already manifested themselves. Computer-based AI shines a light at the end of this bleak tunnel, however, promising to detect the presence of the disease earlier and alleviate much suffering.
Brian Koyundi  |  May  14,  2024
Lessons learned from AI chatbots will encourage their responsible use
Chatbots are widespread forms of AI and, while they handle many routine tasks effectively, too often they are left to deal with problems for which they are ill-equipped, prompting scandals and bad experiences. AI and legal expert Prof Eran Kahana cites an illustrative case study.
Eran Kahana  |  Apr  30,  2024
India’s DPDP Act is poised to enforce a strong, data-responsible ecosystem
As the world’s most populous country, India’s healthcare system faces high hurdles. The government’s newly enacted data privacy law sets rigorous requirements and levies hefty penalties on violations. AI expert and technical writer Priya Dialani breaks down the details.
Priya Dialani  |  Apr  26,  2024
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