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Medical AI Has Both Loads of Promise and Hype
AI’s results in its real-world application in radiology and other medical fields have often fallen far short of expectations, but delving deeper into the reasons behind such letdowns could hold the key to future breakthroughs, even if AI ends up playing a more supportive than dominant role, argues data scientist Dan Elton.
Dan Elton  |  Apr  26,  2022
Can AI Fix US Healthcare?
Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the US healthcare system had long been suffering from dysfunction, inefficiencies, and exorbitant costs, with electronic medical records often causing more problems than they solve. AI presents an opportunity to address some of these problems and ease the burden on healthcare workers, but how should it be deployed so that it will live up to its potential?
Ramin Rafie  |  Apr  21,  2022
Better Models Are Needed to Unblock Supply Chains
Nobel laureate economist Michael Spence believes better models are necessary to predict how supply chains will evolve, including their responses to shocks. He argues these forecasts need to be publicly available so all participants can see them and adapt, and artificial intelligence is the key to the success of this.
Michael Spence  |  Mar  31,  2022
Internet Matters: Declaring Our Digital Rights
Europeans understand that digital technologies will continue to play a growing role in their lives, but many do not seem not to realize that they are entitled to the same rights online as offline.
Margrethe Vestager  |  Mar  18,  2022
Hi Siri, Am I Intelligent?
Marisa Tschopp, and the Titanium Research Department team in Switzerland, challenged their digital assistants to an intelligence test. The outcome threw up quite a mixed bag of results.
Marisa Tschopp  |  Mar  08,  2022
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