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China edges towards top-10 innovative economies as East Asia dominates in sci-tech
East Asia dominates the world in global science and technology clusters, or hubs, per the Global Innovation Index (GII) 2022. One major reason is success in promoting and support given to such clusters in the world’s second-largest economy and 11th most innovative one, China. This will have ramifications for innovation space across the globe and help improve scaling up science and technology innovations with implications on the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Mevlut Katik  |  Nov  22,  2022
Leveraging data for the public good
Social media and other major private sector players lead the way in using data and AI to provide more personalized, customized experiences, an approach which holds lessons for governments and policymakers around the world, though these authorities function in ways that fundamentally differ from businesses.
Fadi Farra, Christopher Pissarides, Amira Bensebaa  |  Nov  18,  2022
AI deployed to combat India's malnutrition
Economic growth has helped to cut poverty in India in recent decades, but malnutrition and undernourishment are still major stumbling blocks toward this goal, both further exacerbated by COVID-19. The country now seeks progress in this fight via use of AI and its plentiful data.
Kritika Singh  |  Nov  17,  2022
How AI can help automate litigation, apply justice and ascertain the truth
AI will reshape the digital future of the judiciary with evidence-based and insight-driven justice, but trust in it demands strict, routine data audits, understanding of costs versus benefits, and expertise to guide long term strategy, as AI entrepreneur and researcher Amjad Zaim explains.
Amjad Zaim  |  Nov  16,  2022
Physics equations for smart healthcare
Medical machine learning researcher Sara Moein explains how AI methods take advantage of physics equations and phenomena from nature, and offers examples of how these methods apply in healthcare.
Sara Moein  |  Nov  10,  2022
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