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AI, predictive analytics deploy to spot, prevent employee burnout
AI obsoleting human jobs prompts much handwringing but overwork and employee burnout are even more urgent problems. If AI eases the load for overburdened workers, this will thus be a welcome development, states Vasily Malyshev, attorney and founder of HR software maker Intelogos.
Vasily Malyshev  |  Sep  22,  2023
AI adjudication, legislation around the corner as ‘legal singularity’ looms
The ‘legal singularity’ refers to the law becoming a solved problem, with machines able to predict the outcome of any potential lawsuit such that no cases ever reach court. Best-selling AI author Calum Chace cites law professor Ben Alarie to describe the implications of all this.
Calum Chace  |  Sep  21,  2023
Implementing Text2SQL is crucial for powering data-driven organizations
As data-driven organizations look for the best ways to power their businesses and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, this article seeks to help them do so by providing a guide to implementing conversational access to enterprise data using Text2SQL.
Janna Lipenkova  |  Sep  11,  2023
AI's role in protecting patient privacy makes it an unanticipated ally
AI can identify people - potentially compromising their privacy - but it can also de-identify them to help protect it instead. Radiologist Felipe Kitamura demonstrates how ethically conscious AI can be an ally in the fight to protect privacy and individual rights.
Felipe Kitamura  |  Sep  06,  2023
Turning predictive models into prescriptive ones is a meticulous process
This article is part five of the ongoing series: AI Prediction, AI Prescription and Causation in Medicine. When transforming predictive models into prescriptive ones, three important considerations must be considered, explains CUNY Data Science Prof Scott Burk.
Scott Burk  |  Sep  01,  2023
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