Douglas Amante
Douglas Amante
Contributor, The Yuan

Douglas Amante is working to achieve an artificial general intelligence system based on the theory of the mind. His main goal is to introduce sentient robots into the healthcare system and then to society.

Metaverse healthcare system applications are based on the discovery layer
In the second part of his series of articles on the Metaverse, AI engineer Douglas Amante takes a look at what the discovery layer of the Metaverse is and how healthcare-related applications fit in as they become an increasingly integral part of people’s lives.
Douglas Amante  |  May 30, 2023
Healthcare system applications in the metaverse based on the experience layer
Users interact with screen objects in Web 2.0, but the metaverse seeks to take this further with Web 3.0, enabling fully immersive, 3D experiences - one of seven layers of the metaverse. Of the myriad potential applications of this tech, none has more consequence than healthcare.
Douglas Amante  |  Mar 09, 2023
A neuro-symbolic interpretation learning agent deploys in healthcare
AI engineer Douglas Amante examines how an emergent system based on a neuro-symbolic interpretation learning agent can be applied to healthcare environments to form a universal AI workspace, and what this will mean for doctor-patient, healer-patient, and nurse-patient relationships, administrative efficiency, the level of healthcare equity across income groups, and patient health outcomes.
Douglas Amante  |  Nov 01, 2022
DAOs Are the Future of Healthcare
Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are well-known for their decentralized nature, but what if decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) were used to disrupt the healthcare industry as well, making it more distributed and personalized? This could also have implications for the sharing and storing of electronic medical records (EMR), as well as pandemic containment and prevention.
Douglas Amante  |  May 13, 2022
Decentralized Healthcare AI Ecosystem
Emerging markets
Artificial intelligence engineer Douglas Amante believes convergence between machines and humans is inevitable, and the goal is to develop and build an artificial general intelligence system to interact with humans and other AGI systems.
Douglas Amante  |  Jan 25, 2022