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Lessons learned during the pandemic must never be forgotten
As the COVID-19 pandemic fades into the past, people are eager to put it behind them and move on with their lives. However, the lessons taught by the pandemic must be remembered to prevent such a disaster from happening again.
William A. Haseltine  |  Jun  06,  2023
Deep learning is a great tool for automatically detecting COVID-19
Intelligent methods help medical professionals detect and diagnose COVID-19 more quickly and so expedite treatment for patients suffering from severe cases, as ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr Mehrnaz Ataei and genetic and healthcare ML developer Dr Sara Moein succinctly explain.
Sara Moein, Mehrnaz Ataei Naeini  |  May  24,  2023
A viable path out of the pandemic is crucial
Most people now act as if COVID-19 is over, yet the virus remains active and dangerous. The limited ability of current vaccines and drugs to prevent infection or treat long-COVID means much more must be done before the threat posed by this pathogen is truly a thing of the past.
William A. Haseltine  |  Apr  05,  2023
China’s COVID-19 crisis - Recovering as situation evolves
Since easing its zero-COVID policy over the past two months China has weathered a tidal wave of COVID-19 infections, now thankfully ebbing. As immunity from infection and vaccines begins to wane in coming months, the country must now brace for aftershocks. Vaccinations, boosters and furnishing hospitals and clinics with adequate staff, medicine, and ICU beds will arm China to withstand future surges.
Jennifer Dunphy  |  Feb  14,  2023
The RNA vaccine revolution: how did Moderna change the game?
mRNA vaccines are not new but are now receiving far more attention as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The success of the Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccines and the speed with which they were rolled out was especially notable and holds great promise for other future applications post-pandemic.
Ahmad Jadallah  |  Dec  14,  2022
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