Chuck Martin
Chuck Martin
Contributor, The Yuan

Chuck Martin is a best-selling author, futurist and columnist. He has been a leader in emerging digital technologies for more than two decades and has been recognized as one of the world’s top influencers in the Internet of Things.

Flying Cars - Part 2 - with Chuck Martin and David Wood
Exploring electric aerial vehicles' impact, we dissect logistics and privacy concerns. Host Emir Mustafa and co-host David Wood, joined by guest Chuck Martin, tackle regulations, supply chains, and future travel implications, shedding light on this transformative technology in the second part of the conversation on Flying Cars.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 19, 2024
Flying Cars - with Chuck Martin and David Wood
This episode explores the Electric Aerial Vehicle Revolution with host Emir Mustafa, commentator David Wood, and author of “Flying Vehicles” Chuck Martin. Tune in for insights on transforming travel as they discuss the pivotal technological advancements that bring flying cars and air taxis closer to daily reality.
Delta Dialog  |  Apr 12, 2024
Has GenAI disappointed or just landed at the peak of inflated expectations?
GenAI is a classic example of reality failing to match the brouhaha and expectations. Best-selling author, futurist, and columnist Chuck Martin asks whether a complete overhaul of the tech is necessary, or if people simply need to recalibrate their expectations.
Chuck Martin  |  Dec 22, 2023
A Q&A with ChatGPT sheds light on how AI works in healthcare
Much ink has been spilled over OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT. Some see it as a Google heir. Others challenge its accuracy and utility. Best-selling author, futurist, and columnist Chuck Martin grills the bot on the topic of healthcare to find the chinks in AI’s armor and its strengths.
Chuck Martin  |  May 05, 2023
AI’s hidden surprises
As AI becomes ever more commonplace in all industries, surprises along the way will be inevitable. Some will be beneficial, and others will be harmful, while all will be unexpected. The way governments, businesses, universities, institutes, and individuals deal with these surprises will go far toward shaping how AI unfolds in coming years and decades.
Chuck Martin  |  Dec 12, 2022
AI to Teach COVID Lessons to Mainstream Business
The COVID-19 pandemic has hugely impacted the pace of AI innovation by accelerating existing trends and giving rise to new ones, thus raising the bar of possibility. Companies have also benefited from sharing their technology or expertise at no cost, aiding the fight against the pandemic and speeding vaccine development. Many of these trends will hold post-pandemic and reshape the global business terrain.
Chuck Martin  |  Jun 01, 2022
The Don’t-Go-It-Alone AI Strategy
Emerging markets
Never has the saying ‘two heads are better than one’ been more applicable than in trying to utilize the phenomenon of artificial intelligence. Best-selling author Chuck Martin urges businesses to seek outside help to make progress in AI.
Chuck Martin  |  Nov 22, 2021
Businesses Around the World Move to Massive AI Adoption
New era
The global pandemic accelerated the growing adoption of AI in business, but its deployment varies by country. The most AI deployments are in China followed by India, Singapore, Italy, US and Spain, according to an IBM study. However, every company in the study is exploring AI, no matter the current level of deployment. This means even more deployments beyond the developing proofs of concept stage are on the horizon across the globe.
Chuck Martin  |  Jul 30, 2021
AI is Set to Be a Game-Changer in Detecting Colon Cancer
Technology has been used for decades to detect colon cancer. A new artificial intelligence device based on machine learning and authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration will revolutionize the procedure by helping clinicians detect lesions, such as polyps or suspected tumors, in the colon in real time during a colonoscopy.
Chuck Martin  |  Jun 29, 2021