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AI tops the charts at Davos 2024 as The Yuan makes its grand entrance
By Mevlut Katik  |  Jan 17, 2024
AI tops the charts at Davos 2024 as The Yuan makes its grand entrance
Image courtesy of the World Economic Forum
The WEF now underway in Davos, Switzerland is bringing together household names from business, tech, government, and academia, with AI clearly in the ascendant for the first time. Three of The Yuan’s top contributors are also showing our flag at this year’s gala event.

OXFORD, UK - As 2024 kicks off, artificial Intelligence’s (AI) swift inroads into everyday life continue unabated. Its reach does not seem to be limited to this only, however, as its profile is rising in a growing number of major summits and gatherings.

Following the AI Safety Summit in Bletchley Park in the United Kingdom in November, and a slew of United States presidential and multilateral European Union directives and laws drafted and issued late last year, AI and Govtech are now sizzling topics at the World Economic Forum 2024 underway from January 15 to 19 at the toney Alpine ski resort of Davos, Switzerland in this year’s first major conclave of leaders of government, business, and civil society from all over the world.

Many sessions are dedicated to AI this year, with nearly a dozen featuring the topic, prompted by the ever-more pressing need to deploy effective technologies to vault emerging hurdles born from the fast-paced geopolitical and technological welter the world is in the midst of. Among company participants hawking their wares on Davos’ main strip, AI has taken pride of place, relegating the cryptocurrencies that had predominated in recent years to the slow lane, CNBC reported. Tech luminaries speaking at Davos this year include OpenAI Chief Executive Sam Altman, Microsoft head Satya Nadella, Ruth Porat, chief financial officer of Google and its parent Alphabet, Bill Gates, and many other such geek pathfinders. 

AI comes under the forum’s lens per one of its four thematic pillars, to wit, Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society.

The Yuan also showcased our agenda through the attendance of three of our most illustrious contributors. Ivana Bartoletti, chief privacy officer at information technology business consultancy Wipro, published a statement championing The Yua

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