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UK and US AI regulatory frameworks precede AI safety summit, impact healthcare
By Matthew Marcetich  |  Feb 26, 2024
UK and US AI regulatory frameworks precede AI safety summit, impact healthcare
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Both the UK and US governments published AI regulatory frameworks ahead of the first-ever AI Safety Summit hosted at Bletchley Park in November 2023. The two frameworks are both organized by five similar principles, and by comparing them AI developers will be better equipped to create AI tools designed for use in both UK and US settings.

WASHINGTON, DC - The United Kingdom and United States governments have written regulatory frameworks for the development and use of AI in healthcare and other industries. Following publication of these documents, an AI Safety Summit was hosted by the UK government in early November 2023. This high-level gathering represented a first-of-its-kind meeting and featured around 150 attendees from approximately 30 countries, including UK and US government officials and executives. The UK and US frameworks have more similarities than differences, but one should note the UK’s intention to be the best place in the world to build, test, and use AI technology, as well as the US’s repeated mention of “designers, developers, and deployers” of AI technology. The UK and US frameworks both avoid introducing rigid requirements, and a comparison of the two may give healthcare AI developers the tools they need to align themselves with the guidance of both countries.


Bletchley Park, the location of last year’s summit, is well known for its role as the site of Allied codebreaking during World War II, including the work of Alan Turing, whose test of computer intelligence became known as the Turing test. The two-day AI Safety Summit convened government delegates and business executives - to be followed by summits in South Korea and France - reflecting the need for international perspective and collaboration. One notable outcome of this past AI Safety Summit is the development of a State of the Science report, which will be published ahead of the next summit.The report is intended to “facilitate a shared science-based understanding of the risks associated with frontier AI and to sustain that understanding as capabilities continue to increase” and will inform both international and domestic policymaking and UN initiatives.


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