David Wood
David Wood
Contributor, The Yuan

David W. Wood was one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry, co-founding Symbian in 1998. Software written by his teams has been included on half a billion smartphones. He has chaired London Futurists since 2008 and is the author or lead editor of 11 books on futurist and techno-progressive topics.

The Yuan AI 2023: Transitioning from narrow AI to broad AI
The Yuan AI 2023
AI programs and tech have grabbed headlines with their ability to perform demanding tasks, but until now most have been limited to narrow specialties, lacking the ability to execute a wider variety of tasks across many fields. 2023 may very well prove to be the year this changes.
David Wood  |  Dec 19, 2022
A day in the life of Patricia in 2045
New era
Given the great changes in our society wrought by AI, and all the new possibilities, one can only imagine what life might be like in the future. The future life of this woman, Patricia, may seem impossible today, but is an example of how things once thought to be mere fantasy very quickly become reality.
David Wood  |  Jul 18, 2022