Calum Chace
Calum Chace
Contributor, The Yuan

Calum Chace is a keynote speaker and best-selling writer on AI. He focuses on the medium- and long-term impact of AI on all of us, our societies and our economies. He is the author of ‘Surviving AI,’ about strong AI and superintelligence.

Can the UAE become a major global center for longevity research?
Emerging markets
The UAE has a reputation as one of the most advanced and ambitious countries in the world. Many think of it as at the forefront of new technologies most countries would be unable or unwilling to implement. Writer and AI expert Calum Chace takes a look at the UAE’s efforts in longevity research and what this needs to succeed.
Calum Chace  |  Sep 05, 2022
Scientist puts longevity in the picture
Anastasia Georgievskaya is doing important work for the longevity revolution, using AI to develop biomarkers from photos of consumers’ skin. Ironically, consumers seem more interested in offers of enhanced attractiveness than of extended lifespan.
Calum Chace  |  Jun 14, 2022
Young, and In No Hurry to Get Old
Calum Chace examines how Sergey Young, a longevity leader, is funding research to help humans live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, with artificial intelligence and other new technologies potentially expanding the limits of what is currently possible. Will it soon become possible for humans to halt or even reverse aging, and if so, what would be the ethical ramifications of such an outcome?
Calum Chace  |  Apr 08, 2022
Finding the Right Tools for the AI Longevity Job
Michael Antonov caught ‘the longevity bug’ after helping to found Oculus Rift, the virtual reality headgear company, and selling it to Facebook for US$2.3 billion. He went back to college and taught himself biochemistry, and now he invests in startups which are developing tools to allow us to understand the fabulously complex mechanics of our bodies.
Calum Chace  |  Feb 01, 2022
The Yuan AI 2022 - Evolution Opens Door to Longevity
New era
Calum Chace presents the first in a series of articles this week on The Yuan platform predicting the evolution of AI in 2022. The best-selling author predicts in the tenth anniversary year of the Big Bang in artificial intelligence we will see better drug discovery processes, better diagnostics, and better understanding of human biology.
Calum Chace  |  Dec 27, 2021
Bridging the Gap Between Scientists and Clinicians in Anti-Aging Fight
Progress could be made in anti-aging research if scientists had access to the necessary data. That and a critical mass of doctors accepting that aging is a disease which can be tackled. Best-selling author Calum Chace discusses the need for the medical profession to get on board with longevity, and the hurdles to be cleared before a real breakthrough can be made.
Calum Chace  |  Nov 29, 2021
Adding Years to Life and Life to Years
How to understand the aging process, arrest it, and reverse it, is not some crazy plotline from a dystopian science fiction movie, but real, and Dr Eva Bischof is leading pioneering research so everyone can “enjoy a healthy lifespan” and maintain “a high quality of life” in future.
Calum Chace  |  Oct 22, 2021
Putting AI to Work in Longevity Research: Profile of Alex Zhavoronkov
Read Calum Chace narrating the story of Alex Zhavoronkov, chief longevity officer for Hong Kong-based Deep Longevity, who works tirelessly to unlock the secrets of how to arrest and reverse aging using AI.
Calum Chace  |  Sep 13, 2021
Role of AI in Extending Lifespan
New era
Until the past few years, the project of reversing aging was not seen as “proper science,” and not a fit use for public funds. Aging was seen as an inevitable and permanent part of the human condition that cannot be redressed. But today there is significant investment in tackling aging and, recently, a potential game-changer has emerged thanks to the crypto currency community, which includes quite a few billionaires.
Calum Chace  |  Aug 10, 2021
Using AI to Convert Sick Care into Healthcare
Series 7 of the phenomenally successful Apple Watch is about to be launched featuring a blood glucose measurement using terahertz electromagnetic radiation. But Apple is not the only global giant looking to use mHealth apps in the AI healthcare industry, several more are getting involved and want to play a big role in the health and wellness area.
Calum Chace  |  Jun 28, 2021