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Global AI governance must accomplish certain things to be a success
The age of AI is here, and governance and policymaking are starting to catch up. Such progress is welcome but also uneven and uncoordinated, and no universal standard that could truly be called ‘global’ governance has yet emerged. This must change as AI’s impact keeps growing.
The age of AI requires inequality insurance more than ever before
Rising inequality has become more visible and more of a political flashpoint in recent years. AI may conceivably help reduce the gap between the haves and have-nots, but it might also make matters worse, which is why some form of inequality insurance is more important than ever.
Robert J. Shiller, Ian Ayres, Aaron Edlin  |  Jan  11,  2024
Open letter: EU’s AI Act must not exclude regulation of foundation models
The EU lately concluded an agreement on the AI Act, an overarching set of laws crafted to govern AI use within the trade bloc. The following is a letter Prof Gary Marcus and 70 other top global AI experts inked in advance that explains why the Act should encompass foundation models.
Gary Marcus  |  Jan  10,  2024
‘Effective’ is just as important as being ‘right’ in medical AI governance
AI regulation must be conducive to smarter decision-making, above all in healthcare. Laws cannot just be right, but they must also be effective, says Richard Dasselaar, digital transformation and strategy leader and Section Chairperson for the AI in Cardiology working group as a non-state actor, citing the EU’s newly minted AI Act and several stellar authorities.
Richard Dasselaar  |  Jan  09,  2024
Flaws in Brazil’s AI bill are microcosm of world’s AI governance dilemma
The road to safe AI development is a rocky one worldwide. Citing healthcare, radiologist and medical executive Dr Gustavo Meirelles and two other experts present Brazil as a case study that aptly illustrates the hard row governments will have to hoe in trying to bring AI to heel.
Gustavo Meirelles  |  Jan  08,  2024
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