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Doug Lenat (1950-2023) was a true giant in the global AI community
Doug Lenat, a prominent computer scientist and AI researcher, recently passed away from cancer. Fellow AI expert Gary Marcus reflects on Lenat’s achievements and legacy, as well as the impact he had on the AI community and what lessons there are for the future.
Gary Marcus  |  Sep  12,  2023
MidrashBot exemplifies the workings of experimental ‘faith bots’
AI&F created the GAI MidrashBot experimental faith chatbot. The Yuan asked ex-Microsoft exec Shanen Boettcher, who has a PhD in human-machine communication and AI from the Univ. of St Andrews, and Jeremy Kirshbaum, co-founder of innovation consultancy Handshake, how it works.
Shanen Boettcher  |  Aug  30,  2023
How transformational will transformer AI systems be? Jeremy Kahn weighs in
Tech grows by leaps and bounds and the computing punch USD1,000 can buy is rising exponentially but product and services improvements are coming only in fits and starts. Jeremy Kahn, senior writer at Fortune Magazine, sits down with The Yuan’s Calum Chace in this free-range chat.
Calum Chace  |  Aug  21,  2023
Valence Vibrations AI real-time emotional subtitles cut through the chatter
The recent crop of AI startups spans the gamut of sectors. Real-time emotional subtitling firm Valence Vibrations eases communication among diverse groups. Its intriguing line piqued The Yuan’s interest. Its CEO Chloe Duckworth tells all in this exclusive interview with The Yuan.
Oladimeji Ewumi  |  Jul  26,  2023
Book publisher Fred Zimmerman on the ethics of creating AI-aided books
As the difficulty of distinguishing books penned by humans from those written by AI rises, ethical questions swarm in tandem with the growing numbers of such works. Technology and publishing expert Fred Zimmerman has answers in this hard-hitting exclusive interview with The Yuan.
Bruce D. Weinstein  |  Jul  25,  2023
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