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New segment: Synergy of AI, brain science raises the consciousness of both
By Shifeng Wang  |  Jan 01, 2024
New segment: Synergy of AI, brain science raises the consciousness of both
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As a vine clinging to a trellis, the ever-growing inter-relationship between AI and neuroscience is propelling both disciplines to new heights. The Yuan is launching a new segment to document the interplay of AI and brain science as they edge ever closer together and in places merge.

HONG KONG - AI and human cognition present a study in contrasts and parallels. One is by definition logical, while the other is by nature irrational, yet both fall prey to the same failings: bias, bigotry, falsehood… They buttress each other’s strengths, while offsetting one another’s weaknesses. 

An intricate convergence of carbon-based and silicon-based intelligence is accordingly underway, as neurologists use AI to boost their understanding of the human psyche and cognition, while computer scientists take inspiration from the human brain to create AI applications via ‘neuromorphic computing,’ e.g., machine learning (ML), convolutional neural networks (CNNs), deep learning (DL), and reinforcement learning, and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

Thus, a diverse gaggle of occupations gathers where AI meets brain science. Computer scientists craft systems inspired by the brain’s neural networks, e.g., cognitive computing, DL. Cognitive scientists unra

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