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For better or for worse, governments play a crucial role in AI governance
By Shifeng Wang  |  Dec 22, 2023
For better or for worse, governments play a crucial role in AI governance
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As 2023 reaches its conclusion, The Yuan has invited a number of its expert contributors from around the world to offer their opinions on what might lie ahead for the governance of AI, with the landscape and outlook varying greatly depending on the location and context.

HONG KONG - From December 25 to January 10, The Yuan will be running our annual year-end (and year-beginning) series of articles, this time with the theme ‘Governments4AI.’

Participants in this debate include veteran contributors such as Patrick Glauner, who argues why artificial intelligence (AI) is safer than most realize, and Calum Chace, who highlights the risk of government regulation of AI. Jeffrey Lee Funk, laments the sluggish adoption of AI, and Gaurav Chandra argues that AI-led transformation cannot happen without governments playing a role, while Ivana Bartoletti notes that AI governance is not a one-size-fits-all affair. Jibu Elias highlights how governments alone can empower societal advancement, and 

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