“Governments for AI” webinar part 1 - presentations
Delta Dialog  |  Jan 29, 2024
“Governments for AI” webinar part 1 - presentations
Explore the intersection of AI, governance, and global impact through the insights of leading experts in our recent webinar. From the safety of AI to the imperative need for governance and regulation, our distinguished panel delved into crucial topics shaping the future.


Governments for AI - Presentations

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, our recent webinar brought together experts to unravel the dimensions of this groundbreaking technology. The discourse captured themes ranging from the safety and functionality of AI to the imperatives of governance, law, and the intricate dynamics within international trade and legal frameworks for the global economy.

At the core of the discussion on AI's safety and functionality is the recognition of the need for governance models. As it continues to enter diverse sectors, the conversation delved into the ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks essential for maintaining a balance between innovation and responsible development. These kinds of discussions helps shedding light on the evolving AI landscape, emphasizing the crucial role of governments in crafting rules that can effectively address emerging roadblocks.

The exploration of AI governance brings to the forefront, the complex interplay between technological advancements and legal frameworks. Privacy and data protection laws, coupled with the European Union’s AI Act, emerged as focal points. It’s important to emphasize the necessity of establishing clear guidelines to prevent abuses, foster fair competition, and address the unique hurdles posed by AI in the global market.

As AI continues to transform the dynamics of international trade and investment, the need for a legal framework becomes very important. Its impact on trade is huge, influencing areas such as supply chain optimization, market access, and trade finance. Consequently, there is a growing call for the development of new legal frameworks to address the difficulties and opportunities posed by AI in the global economy. Its evolving nature requires legal structures that ensure safety, ethical considerations, and inclusive standards, fostering international economic integration while safeguarding against potential risks.

What’s in it for me? / Why should I care?

These conversations impact daily life by revealing the development and ethical considerations of AI, allowing individuals to make informed choices about technology use. Understanding its governance ensures awareness of data protection and consumer rights, empowering individuals to safeguard their privacy. Insights into the economic implications help individuals adapt to changes in job markets and industries. Engaging in discussions on innovation and regulatory frameworks enables the public to contribute to shaping policies that encourage innovation while ensuring fair access to its technologies. Overall, being informed about AI governance empowers individuals to actively participate in creating a positive and inclusive technological future aligned with their values and interests.

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