Mehrnaz Ataei Naeini
Mehrnaz Ataei Naeini
Contributor, The Yuan

Mehrnaz Ataei Naeini is an ear, nose, throat specialist with 19 years of experience in general otolaryngology, plastic surgery and otology, including complex middle ear surgery. She continues to seek out the best practices and the latest techniques in her pursuit of excellence.

Deep learning is a great tool for automatically detecting COVID-19
Intelligent methods help medical professionals detect and diagnose COVID-19 more quickly and so expedite treatment for patients suffering from severe cases, as ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr Mehrnaz Ataei and genetic and healthcare ML developer Dr Sara Moein succinctly explain.
Sara Moein, Mehrnaz Ataei Naeini  |  May 24, 2023