Richard Dasselaar
Richard Dasselaar
Contributor, The Yuan

Richard Dasselaar is an expert in digital health strategy and his focus is on the integration of medical AI into our global and regional health technology ecosystems for the timely identification of disease and to bring superior care to those who need it. 

“Governments for AI” webinar part 3 - discussion
In the second part of our discussion on the webinar we explore key measures that governments can take to ensure the safety of AI. By addressing these aspects, we find that when governments contribute to fostering an AI landscape, it not only thrives on innovation but also upholds ethical principles, accountability, and global cooperation.
Delta Dialog  |  Feb 09, 2024
“Governments for AI” webinar part 2 - discussion
Navigating the delicate balance between fostering innovation and addressing potential risks, governments play a crucial role in shaping the responsible development and deployment of AI technologies. Listen with us as we discuss the importance of the role governments play in the AI industry.
Delta Dialog  |  Feb 02, 2024
“Governments for AI” webinar part 1 - presentations
Explore the intersection of AI, governance, and global impact through the insights of leading experts in our recent webinar. From the safety of AI to the imperative need for governance and regulation, our distinguished panel delved into crucial topics shaping the future.
Delta Dialog  |  Jan 29, 2024
‘Effective’ is just as important as being ‘right’ in medical AI governance
AI regulation must be conducive to smarter decision-making, above all in healthcare. Laws cannot just be right, but they must also be effective, says Richard Dasselaar, digital transformation and strategy leader and Section Chairperson for the AI in Cardiology working group as a non-state actor, citing the EU’s newly minted AI Act and several stellar authorities.
Richard Dasselaar  |  Jan 09, 2024