Jibu Elias
Jibu Elias
Contributor, The Yuan

Jibu Elias is an AI researcher focusing on the ethics and governance of AI. He is also a leading expert on India’s AI ecosystem and is the chief architect of INDIAai -The National AI Portal of the Government of India. His work focuses on the importance of inclusion and diversity in formulating AI ethics and governance regulations. 

Truly global AI ethics and culture extend well beyond abstract discussions
Discussions about implementing frameworks governing AI ethics and culture must be more inclusive and culturally sensitive by focusing on non-Western perspectives that emphasize pragmatic, real-world concerns, stresses tech entrepreneur and AI ethics expert Jibu Elias.
Jibu Elias  |  Jan 16, 2024
Governments are key to unleashing AI-enabled societal advancement
While regulations are an important part of AI governance, the relationship between governments and new tech like AI extends much further than this, raising questions about the role governments should ideally play, argues tech entrepreneur and AI ethics expert Jibu Elias.
Jibu Elias  |  Dec 29, 2023