Jack Kotin
Jack Kotin
Contributor, The Yuan

Jack Kotin is an economist, linguist, and fluent in five languages. He graduated with a Masters in International Economics and Finance, from Brandeis International Business School, and has worked as a market research analyst, project manager, and data analyst for GE, IBM, and Meituan Dianping. 

The 80-year history of AI holds plenty of lessons for the future
History of AI
In an upcoming week-long series on the history of AI, AI commentator and expert Gil Press examines its beginnings and how it evolved into its current form. This holds many valuable lessons as humans grapple with the challenges of this fast-changing tech in an uncertain world.
Jack Kotin  |  Feb 05, 2024
The Yuan Project is a new initiative to bring our contributors together
New era
The Yuan is proud to unveil The Yuan Project, its latest initiative to help bring its online community of global experts together, connect, and share ideas as they seek to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of medical AI.
Jack Kotin  |  Oct 16, 2023
AI in nuclear medicine: harnessing the power of radiation to do good
Radioactive substances are normally harmful, but nuclear medicine aims to take that destructive power and use it to treat - or at least diagnose - diseases. Efforts to combine this with AI to treat diseases like cancer in new and more effective ways continue to advance, and so the globally leading online AI community The Yuan has partnered with the world-renowned think tank Deep Pharma Intelligence and the world leading nuclear medicine company Evomics to put together this report, which takes an in-depth look at the latest AI applications in nuclear medicine and radiology and what the future of AI in these fields might look like, as well as the specific steps being taken by the private sector and governments around the world to help drive this development.
Jian Zhou, Jack Kotin  |  Mar 01, 2023
Taking a look back at 2022: how well have our predictions from last year turned out?
Retrospective on 2022 AI
As we enter the final quarter of 2022, Jack Kotin, editor and contributor for The Yuan, introduces The Yuan's latest series of articles from five of its expert contributors that takes a look at how predictions that were made at the end of 2021 have fared thus far in 2022.
Jack Kotin  |  Oct 09, 2022
China, US Break Ahead of the Pack in Race for AI Hegemony
China and the United States have officially locked horns in a contest of titans to determine which superpower will emerge as the world’s foremost leader in artificial intelligence. Ben Armour and Jack Kotin, editors and contributors at The Yuan, break down the current situation and predict what the future may hold.
Jack Kotin, Ben Armour  |  Apr 06, 2022
Stanford Report Proposes More AI Investment in US Infrastructure
The Yuan contributor Jack Kotin takes a closer look at the recent white paper released by Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, which contains specific recommendations to the United States government on how to keep ahead of the AI curve.
Jack Kotin  |  Mar 28, 2022
US AI Policy Targets Healthcare, Education, Climate Change
Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, ever-present geopolitical tensions, and an increasingly digital world, mastering the latest artificial intelligence technology and defending against the potential threats it poses will be among the greatest challenges the United States will face in the coming years, and requires a comprehensive, coordinated strategy involving government, the private sector, and academia. Does the US have what it takes to stay ahead in AI?
Jack Kotin  |  Feb 28, 2022