Jeffrey Lee Funk
Jeffrey Lee Funk
Contributor, The Yuan

Jeffrey Lee Funk’s 40-year career has focused on how new technologies emerge and diffuse as a professor and consultant. He was one of the first to recognize the potential for smartphones during the late 1990s and early 2000s in Japan. He earned the NTT DoCoMo mobile science award in 2004.

The Yuan AI 2023: Moonshots to fail, augments to prevail
The Yuan AI 2023
Even as headline-grabbing AI ventures fail or fall short of expectations, one should not lose hope because 2023 will still see plenty of augmentation and gradual innovation going on quietly behind the scenes that will set the stage for even greater breakthroughs.
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Dec 23, 2022
Open Medical Data - A fairytale or the future?
This second episode of the Delta Dialog deals with a very different perspective on open medical data than the first session, namely the difficulty of the challenges to be overcome. These are data quality, utility of AI within open medical data, policy, funding, and human capital.
Delta Dialog  |  Dec 09, 2022
The real reason self-driving vehicles will not succeed
Self-driving cars, or autonomous vehicles, have garnered a great deal of attention in recent years, and despite the huge amounts of money and resources pouring in, the industry continues to disappoint. Is a technological breakthrough imminent, or should one expect more underperformance?
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Sep 27, 2022
Open access: independent testing, incentives are needed for high-quality data
Open Data 2022
Open access to data must focus on their quality, not just quantity. Opening data will not ensure quality, buy may even have the opposite effect, argues Prof Jeffery Lee Funk as part of The Yuan’s Open Data 2022 series.
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Jul 04, 2022
AI Startups Are Doing Poorly, as Is AI Overall
Emerging markets
Much hype has surrounded AI startups in recent years, but some of this may be overblown as such startups have tended to underperform compared with their peers in other fields. Such companies’ profitability, or lack thereof, along with decisions about whether to go ahead with IPOs or SPACs offer insights into the current state of the AI sector, and what the near future holds.
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  May 23, 2022
AI’s Slow Adoption Jibes With Former Failures
The promise of AI technology has often failed to live up to its hype. How to learn from past successes and failures to adjust the expectations for AI and change how new technologies are applied to do so more successfully is the issue The Yuan contributor Prof Funk grapples with in this his inaugural article.
Jeffrey Lee Funk  |  Apr 18, 2022