Moh Noori
Moh Noori
Contributor, The Yuan

Moh Noori is the founder and CEO of ScriptChain Health, a digital health company that has built an AI prediction platform for predicting heart disease readmission and giving second opinions on treatment options to combat over/under treatment. He has also previously worked for tech and medical device companies such as Intuit, Cutera and Schneider Electric, and his expertise lies in sales and technology with an emphasis on the cloud and AI.

An affair of the heart: Clinical cardiology courts self-instructing LLMs
Clinical cardiology is one area of healthcare that stands to benefit in particular from the rise of self-instructing LLMs, which have still to manifest their full potential. Moh Noori, CEO and founder of ScriptChain Health, expounds on these LLMs’ current and future capabilities.
Moh Noori  |  Dec 13, 2023
Projections for digital health investments in 2023 show interesting trends
Emerging markets
Digital health technology, which includes wearables like the Apple Watch, has taken off in recent years, making it an attractive option for investors. Moh Noori, founder and CEO of ScriptChain Health, takes a look at current trends and where things might be headed next.
Moh Noori  |  Sep 15, 2023
Smart, targeted innovations yield more accessible, affordable healthcare
Smart, targeted innovations make healthcare more accessible and affordable, with lower costs for hospitals and better patient outcomes, as Moh Noori, founder and CEO of AI heart disease predicter ScriptChain Health, shows in this article, the second installment in his blog series.
Moh Noori  |  May 11, 2023
The import of Bill Gates’ letter ‘The Age of AI has Begun’
This article is the first in a blog series by Moh Noori, founder and CEO of AI heart disease predicter ScriptChain Health. It looks at how the Bill Gates Foundation uses AI in education and healthcare and invests to ensure it benefits as many as possible, not just the elite.
Moh Noori  |  Apr 13, 2023