Gary Marcus
Gary Marcus
Contributor, The Yuan

Gary Marcus is a scientist, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Robust.AI and Geometric.AI, acquired by Uber. He is well-known for his challenges to contemporary AI, anticipating many of the current problems decades in advance, and for his research in human language development.

An Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Neural Science at NYU, he is the author of five books, Rebooting AI (with Ernest Davis), The Algebraic Mind, Kluge, The Birth of the Mind, and Guitar Zero, and has often contributed to The New Yorker, Wired, and The New York Times.His most recent book, co-authored with Ernest Davis, Rebooting AI, is one of Forbes’s 7 Must Read Books in AI.

An epic AI Debate - and why everyone should fret over AI in 2023
A time capsule of AI thought leaders participating in a video debate in 2022 serves up a bounty of food for thought that will remain of interest for years to come. AI holds plenty of promise, but major grounds for concern are its less benevolent aspects and the inescapable reality that it still falls far short.
Gary Marcus  |  Jan 24, 2023
What to expect when one is expecting...GPT-4
New era
ChatGPT became a sensation last year for its ability to spit out human-like text in response to questions. This year is almost certain to see the release of GPT-4, which promises to be even more impressive. Will GPT-4 represent the next step on the path to even greater advances, or will it be a major breakthrough in and of itself?
Gary Marcus  |  Jan 09, 2023
What does Meta AI’s diplomacy-winning Cicero mean for AI? (Hint: It’s not all about scaling)
Meta’s new AI, called Cicero, is able to successfully strategize and negotiate with humans in playing the game Diplomacy, and it may have the potential to surpass other AI that play games such as Go and chess. Nevertheless, much remains unknown, and it could be a long time before its implications for AI as a whole are fully understood.
Gary Marcus, Ernest Davis  |  Dec 13, 2022
Alt intelligence is the new science
New era
AI has lost its way, and the world must take a step back and reassess the situation. Too often, the reality of new AI has failed to live up to the hype, and so one must take a closer look at just what exactly AI is capable of, what is still beyond it, and why. Only then will efficient future breakthroughs be possible.
Gary Marcus  |  Jul 25, 2022