Gaurav Chandra
Gaurav Chandra
Contributor, The Yuan

Gaurav Chandra is an Artificial Intelligence expert who evaluates the impact of nutrition, genetics, and gut microbiome on chronic medical and infectious diseases. He advocates for AI's role in early drug discovery and development.

The world must navigate, embrace technological innovation, peer review
Plenty of scientific papers and patents are being published, but more disruption, greater creativity, and more high-risk, high-reward research are needed. Understanding the peer review paradox may hold the key to unlocking this, argues Adnexus Biotechnologies Inc CEO Dr Gaurav Chandra.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Jun 05, 2024
A tale of two sciences: The symbiosis between AI, neuroscience
Brain science
The human brain served as the model for the advent of AI, which is now enabling a greater understanding of the brain’s inner workings. Their further interactions will open exciting real-life applications. Dr Gaurav Chandra presents these vistas.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Apr 15, 2024
Governments to form the dynamo driving AI-led transformation
For an AI-led revolution to take off, governments must spur and democratize it, while performing a tough balancing act, not throttling innovation by over-regulation, or leaving users prone to risks by donning kid gloves. Enzolytics COO Dr Gaurav Chandra delineates this fine line.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Jan 04, 2024
Gut Instinct: How AI and the human microbiome team up against neurodegenerative disorders
Brain science
Neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia afflict over 55 million people worldwide. Continuous efforts and advancements in the human microbiome promise to help, aided by AI, though the key may very well be ‘going with one’s gut,’ argues Dr Gaurav Chandra.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec 11, 2023
Humanity must control AI development or risk losing control as a species
Today, on the 11th day of our intelligent discovery journey through The Yuan, we journeyed through vast plains and lofty mountains to reach Ȟeská Otȟúŋwahe, also known as Rocky Mountain, in the Lakota language. This location, home to the city of Denver, has served as a gold rush boomtown and a tech hub, and the Mile High City has undergone significant transformations that continue to this day. Dr Gaurav Chandra, AI futurist and AI drug developer at Enzolytics, shares his insightful predictions regarding the future of AI advancements.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Jul 03, 2023
AI: a paradigm shift in drug discovery
Drug discovery has traditionally been a painstaking and arduous process that can take decades in a best-case scenario. AI is now changing both how this is done and how fast, thus redrawing the bounds of possibility along the way.
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  May 03, 2023
The Yuan AI 2023: AI is the future
The Yuan AI 2023
Humans stand at a crossroads in their evolution, with the ability to chart their course going forward, asserts Dr. Gaurav Chandra, Chief Operating Officer of Enzolytics with an innovative Artificial Intelligence Platform. Read on as he divines the trends set to transform 2023 and shape humanity’s course forever thereafter.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec 20, 2022
AI in hemodynamic monitoring: the pulse of P4 medicine in the ICU
New era
AI is uniquely able to find patterns in the complex multidimensional data of the intensive care unit. A third of ICU patients develop hemodynamic instability, resulting in a 40-59 percent mortality rate. Advanced dynamic hemodynamic monitoring, coupled with AI, presents a perfect opportunity for clinicians to peer into the future to prevent adverse events before they occur. "Predicting the future is not magic, it's artificial intelligence." - Dave Waters
Kirsten Bischof, Gaurav Chandra  |  Nov 29, 2022
Sci-fi to sci-fact: An AI-empowered future is already here
New era
AI expert Dr Gaurav Chandra examines some of the most significant emerging trends in AI that will shape the future, arguing that AI is best viewed as a vehicle for transforming humanity, not just a tool for gaining a competitive edge. Human interactions, morality, inclusivity, and empathy should be what drives the next stage of AI and should be an integral part of that transformation.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Oct 26, 2022
The Yuan Retrospective on 2022 AI - To infinity and beyond
Retrospective on 2022 AI
Dr Gaurav Chandra updates and reassesses his predictions for the evolution of AI in 2022. He looks at what the future holds for humanity given what has happened so far this year and explores five trends in AI that will continue to shape humanity.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Oct 12, 2022
Bot vs. bug: AI’s role in the global antimicrobial resistance crisis
Dr Gaurav Chandra discusses AI's role in antimicrobial resistance from diagnosis to therapy, asserting that humanity limits its scientific potential by not embracing the concept of information-sharing for the greater good, and concluding that moving away from working in silos, data-sharing, and creating more extensive databases can assist in early diagnosis and development of novel therapeutics for AMR.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Sep 07, 2022
War of the machines: AI develops sepsis early warning systems
New era
After the development of antiseptics, antibiotics, and antibacterial drugs, humanity has had to contend with drug-resistant ‘super bacteria.’ This, problem and the ongoing one of sepsis - with its high risk of death if left untreated - remains unsolved, but if AI, Big Data, and ML are properly applied, they may finally achieve victory in this centuries-long fight.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Aug 30, 2022
Open data: Holy Grail or Pandora’s box?
Open Data 2022
Dr Gaurav Chandra discusses the importance of making medical data accessible to all, connecting global medical data with precision medicine, and calling awareness to the necessity for different governments to open up their medical data to promote the progress of digital health. The conclusion is that the value of artificial intelligence to healthcare lies in better collaboration, innovation, the inclusion of all stakeholders in decision making, and integrity in data custodianship.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Jun 23, 2022
AI-Driven Diagnostics Transform Healthcare
In the pandemic’s wake, the world still faces massive challenges in detecting and diagnosing many life-threatening illnesses. Dr Gaurav Chandra explores the evolution of healthcare from reactivity to prevention, prediction, participation, and personalization, along with the part that artificial intelligence-driven diagnostics has played in this transformation.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Apr 04, 2022
The Yuan AI 2022 - To Infinity and Beyond
The Yuan AI 2022
Dr Gaurav Chandra presents the second in a series of articles this week on The Yuan platform predicting the evolution of artificial intelligence in 2022. He looks forward to what the future holds for us next year and explores five trends in AI that will shape humankind forever.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec 28, 2021
AI Provides Key to Pandemic Preparedness
The world appears to be on the cusp of monumental transformation in healthcare, thanks in no small part to COVID-19 which has provided a platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Dr Gaurav Chandra believes this is an ideal opportunity for humanity to come together, work on tangible solutions to free us of this pandemic, prevent another, and leave a legacy for future generations.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec 20, 2021
Demystifying the Human Microbiome Using AI
Artificial Intelligence continues to be a significant driver for advancing healthcare and understanding the microbiome will be pivotal to that transformation. Dr Gaurav Chandra discusses the crucial role the microbiome will play, enabling precision medicine that is more preventive, predictive, and personal than ever before.
Gaurav Chandra  |  Dec 01, 2021