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Governments to form the dynamo driving AI-led transformation
By Gaurav Chandra  |  Jan 04, 2024
Governments to form the dynamo driving AI-led transformation
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For an AI-led revolution to take off, governments must spur and democratize it, while performing a tough balancing act, not throttling innovation by over-regulation, or leaving users prone to risks by donning kid gloves. Enzolytics COO Dr Gaurav Chandra delineates this fine line.

DENVER, COLORADO - Artificial intelligence (AI) is a potent force that is already revolutionizing every human endeavor, not to mention boosting productivity and spurring economic growth. The swift pace with which this is taking place has nonetheless elicited valid concerns about job displacement, privacy infringement, and algorithmic biases. To get the most out of AI, informed decisions and effective public policies must continue to foster its growth, while simultaneously mitigating present and future risks.

“Technology by itself doesn't make leaders. Technology only amplifies true leadership.”

Ex-Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs

Governments must keep pace with advances

Governments are not known for being nimble or quick to adapt, but they must summon the wherewithal to keep abreast of AI’s rapid advances and determine which applications are permissible and which need closer scrutiny. To avoid heavy-handedly stifling innovation, reasonable regulations at both local and international levels are prerequisites for fair decision-making. An ethical framework that embodies normative principles and promotes appropriate use of AI, while respecting the dignity, rights, and interests of the public, is also essential. This framework must be clear and guide proper use of AI to encourage technological advances without sacrificing public interests or the fundamental values of individuals and society.

Democratic AI governance

“We want the benefits of, access to, and governance of AGI [artificial general intelligence] to be widely and fairly shared.”

Sam A

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