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Sci-fi to sci-fact: An AI-empowered future is already here
By Gaurav Chandra  |  Oct 26, 2022
Sci-fi to sci-fact: An AI-empowered future is already here
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AI expert Dr Gaurav Chandra examines some of the most significant emerging trends in AI that will shape the future, arguing that AI is best viewed as a vehicle for transforming humanity, not just a tool for gaining a competitive edge. Human interactions, morality, inclusivity, and empathy should be what drives the next stage of AI and should be an integral part of that transformation.

DENVER, COLORADO - The COVID-19 pandemic has generated the Fourth Industrial Revolution and accelerated innovation. However, an analysis of the history of technological change shows that it occurs exponentially, not at a constant rate. With the threat of the next global pandemic looming large, it is critical that the world learns from its prior mistakes and harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) through a collective effort to create more effective and efficient pandemic preparedness and responses. 

With that in mind, this article will look at some of the emerging trends in AI that will shape humanity’s future.

Empathic AI

Human advances have been driven by the evolution of tools, machines, and discoveries that enhance people’s regular abilities. However, in the past there has been minimal development in the adaptation of technology that helps to better understand people’s emotional minds - the part that controls empathy. Structuring people-driven AI interactions, improved to create confided relationships between AI and people, represents the most significant opportunity for human progression in this cutting-edge era. By creating AI that does good, humans are making good AI.

Data-centric AI

All AI systems need both code and data, and the world is now moving towards a more data-centered AI approach that involves building AI systems with quality data - focusing on ensuring that the data convey what the AI must learn. This will in turn aid data customization according to the type of data and the technology, enabling AI to realize its true potential in transforming technologies and innovations.

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Dr. Gaurav is right. Covid has changed the world a lot. The virus is a real game-changer. Perhaps it has changed human beings' faith already. But we should not lose our confidence in the future, whether in the AI or medical sectors. As an editor of an AI community, I met lots of people like Gaurav himself; they are entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and so on. They treat AI as their life mission with deep compassion. They are the missionary of the force of creativity.
Great insights on the future of AI and harnessesing it's potential, I really enjoyed this article.