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The Yuan’s Governments4AI webinar urges governments to close Pandora’s box
By Ben Armour  |  Jan 25, 2024
The Yuan’s Governments4AI webinar urges governments to close Pandora’s box
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As the world confronts the specter of the unbridled rise of AI, global AI community The Yuan ran its Governments4AI webinar yesterday, calling on authorities everywhere to unite their forces to formulate and impose commonsensical, measured restraints on AI development.

HONG KONG - Fears abound over artificial intelligence (AI), ranging from doomsday scenarios to mundane concerns about jobs, bias, and prying by officialdom and private actors. In response, the open AI community The Yuan held its Governments4AI webinar yesterday to solicit specialists’ insights into AI governance.

The much-anticipated forum convened a panel of expert commentators to grapple with governments’ role in regulating AI. Following The Yuan’s acclaimed article series on this theme, the debate roped in such AI luminaries as Prof Patrick Glauner of Germany’s Deggendorf Institute of Technology - an AI advisor to the governments of France, Germany, and Luxembourg - smartphone pioneer Prof Jeffrey Lee Funk, Ivana Bartoletti, chief privacy officer at information technology consultancy Wipro, World Trade Organization dispute settlement lawyer Anthony A. Abad, and digital health expert

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